View Full Version : Music/Composer Wanted Composer needed for short film "The Usher"

10-17-2014, 11:51 AM
Hi, I am a director looking at teaming up with a composer on my short film that is currently in pre production. The movie is No-Budget and I can't afford to pay anyway unfortunately, so I invite a lot of people who are just interested in building up their portfolio like I am to consider working on the movie. The film is a short b-movie like film called The Usher, which is about a confrontation between a movie theater usher and a wealthy rude guest. I imagine a mix between the grindhouse like music from the 70's and the haunting and unnerving music from the last few david fincher films. We shoot next month. You can visit******** to check out our most recent work, and can email freeyourm******** if interested. Thanks.

Here's a link to my youtube, which also has a link to our facebook page