View Full Version : Music/Composer Available Composer offering FREE original instrumental soundtrack, intro, clip etc

05-17-2013, 07:05 AM

Iíve been getting in to soundtracks etc and Iíd like to try to expand my portfolio, if you will, by doing a free soundtrack for somebody. So far Iíve made music in a few different genres Ė have a listen to the showreel below for a better idea.

I hope you donít mind - but a couple of conditions for this:

- must be instrumental
- must be short a production, by short I guess less than 15 mins
- no crazy deadlines (I work 9-5 at the moment and Iím busy with music in the evenings and weekends, so I hope you understand I probably canít drop absolutely everything for a freebie job but I will certainly break my balls to make it happen)
- I canít afford any extra costs like professional mixing, mastering etc at the moment Ė so if the piece becomes more complicated with a good few tracks etc, (which is fine) you may actually want it professionally mixed and you would look after that cost yourself.

This showreel (http:// give you an idea of what I can do. I think youíll find me easy to work with and basically Iíll give unlimited revisions until its right and youíre happy as Larry. I'm hard-working, reliable and a nice guy to boot.

If youíre interested, drop me an Ďol message with details of your project. If I get a few replies Iíll pick the most appropriate or what I think Iíll be able to get done within timeframes etc.

Nice one