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Ed Gaskell
12-09-2003, 03:43 AM
To all Holly-wouldn'ts...

The titular tome is currently being written for publication in the US and UK in September 2004. Aimed at DV auteurs , I'd like to invite any individuals here if they might want to have their productions illustrated within the book.

The images that I am looking to accompany text on specific spreads are hi-res stills portraying pre-production, shooting and post. Any lower resolution screen-grabs that you feel represent your 'Hollywood movie' would absolutely not be dismissed...

I would appreciate anyone interested contacting me about your production prior to any submission. For information, the terms of the contract specify that submissions are offered freely with full rights of ownership intact, and that the images may be exploited at the author's own discretion without consultation of the owner.

Bureaucracies aside, you might find this at least a worthwhile dose of exposure for your movie.

With thanks for your time,

Ed Gaskell

12-09-2003, 07:48 PM
This sounds like a neato idea. Anymore info or a site you have for us to look over? Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Ed Gaskell
12-11-2003, 05:28 AM
...and the movies speak volumes...

This is exactly the type of work that I'm looking for. MYOHM is a 192-page hardback which I see is being advanced with more detail here:

I'm really looking for anything that YOU would be proud of - or that you feel represents your movie - within the book. Ideally they would be high-res stills that related to both crewing and shooting, as well as FOH stills used for publicity. To maximise the versatility of using your material, I would appreciate a choice of stills that could be used under different spread subject headings.

The kind of product that will result (coupled with the kind of Brit sardonicism...) can be found in the last book, The Complete Guide To Digital Video, which is here:

In the hope that this is of use,