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04-20-2011, 04:35 PM

i've been spending the last few hours searching for some films on youtube that were made by an English film maker that i watched but didn't bookmark... so ive been rattling my brains as to what i was thinking back when i originally found them. i think i just was searching "Short Films" at the time, but i was hoping if i could give you all an idea of some of the storys i remember, you may be able to help me continue my search. all films were filmed in England.

oh and some of the actors have appeared in the other films he's made...

Story 1 from what i remember.
Old man is sat a bus stop with a bunch of flowers and he observes a teenage couple arguing across the road, they part ways and the guy crosses the road and waits at the bus stop. The old mad gives him some words of wisdom about love and gives him the flowers to give to his girlfriend to make up. turns out the old man was on his way to the cemetary to put the flowers on his wife Grave.

Story 2
2 hitmen on a park bench share some dialog about there next hit which is a woman you can see walking up the park pushing a babys pram. one of then backs out because he doesnt want to kill a mother and shoots the other hitman who would have killed her. turns out that the woman pushing the pram was a hit woman and killed to guy lol...

Story 3
All i can remember about this story is that this man took out a helicopter on the moors with a gun... very vague sorry...

Story 4
young guys is walking down a country lane and a young girl is in front of him. he's thinking to himself "i hope she doesn't think im a murderer because i've been walking behind her for such a long time' and he then thinks of excuses and things he could do to not make himself out to be this murderer to her...

i know this i vague but i'm hoping it may jog a memory because i can't find it for the life of me and i really like the Film makers work.

Thanks for you're time!

04-20-2011, 04:39 PM