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04-12-2011, 04:21 PM

I don't mind if you post your Twitter here for a Twitter-train thread, as long as you follow mine. :)

04-12-2011, 05:16 PM
Oh awesome!

I'm a bit of a Twitter fiend

Will Vincent
04-12-2011, 05:24 PM

Fair warning, most of my tweets are about web development related things.. since that's the dayjob, and that's when I tweet. ;)

04-12-2011, 05:24 PM

04-12-2011, 06:15 PM
Sweet! Following you guys.

I'm at

Invision Media at

04-12-2011, 06:20 PM
Sweet! Following you guys.

I'm at [/URL]

Invision Media at

You, amigo, are [url] (

04-12-2011, 06:29 PM
Yay Twitter! Mine is

Flicker Pictures
04-13-2011, 10:16 AM

Haven't been too active with it, but that could change!

04-14-2011, 02:27 PM

Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC
04-14-2011, 04:55 PM
I signed up to follow.

Here is my twitter address

04-20-2011, 02:06 AM
I have 2 twitter accounts... hehe :cool: this is the one i use for my video's

04-25-2011, 08:51 PM

Cracker Funk
04-26-2011, 01:19 PM
EDIT: Nevermind. I tried twitter; couldn't really get into it. But I do encourage anyone to find me on facebook (there's a thread ( that here, as well).

05-06-2011, 06:04 AM
Just a headsup, thought it would be a neat way to catalogue some projects, and keep up to date with what everybody is working on.

#ProjectShare Disclose daily a project, Blog, App, Music, Business, with #ProjectShare and check out who's doing what.

It could be something you like, something of your own creation, something you where reccomended.

Hopefully it'll play-out as a catalogue Twitter-folk can turn to when they have a spare hour.

One #ProjectShare a day.

Pedro Monteiro
05-06-2011, 08:20 PM
ah lovely to see you join twitter, naturally followed instantly.

Rob B
05-10-2011, 12:50 PM

05-19-2011, 09:50 PM
Revamping direction of SM. Here's my new one (Old one's gone)

Gotta regrab all of ya again. I think I got the knack of it now. :lol:

05-31-2011, 01:34 AM
Followed your new one Steve. Better luck with that one!

Andrew Decker
05-31-2011, 08:54 PM
I honestly can't believe I've gone this long without a Twitter account. :lol:!/SoloFilm

06-04-2011, 06:41 AM
I've only just realised I hadn't actually posted a link to our Twitter, yet I'd managed to post twice.!/PTPfilms

06-04-2011, 07:56 AM!/Adeimantus

Beware: tweeting can be addictive.


btw, Alec Baldwin just joined Twitter:!/Alec_Baldwin

He's pretty active.

06-08-2011, 01:59 AM
Hi All! I've followed everyone!! Looking forward to your tweets!

Here's mine: (

06-08-2011, 11:12 AM
I have just taken over my site's twitter as of this week and am a pretty new so finding out things to tweet and basically what tweeting is all about. The last person used it pretty much like a private message board which he only found out that the rest of the world could see. That explains why there is no more activity since end of may. Well no more crazy tweets. Perhaps some feedback for tweeter if they don't have one already - shouldn't there a private message tweet feature? Oh well.

Here's mine -!/jewelbeatmusic

Appreciate more follows.
I will follow everyone here later.

06-08-2011, 11:19 AM
awesome i followed mine is

06-08-2011, 08:49 PM
Ok all done. Followed everyone. Appreciate the follow backs.

06-29-2011, 10:47 AM
I made a list of all the regular Indietalkers that I follow and this should save people time in trying to find the usernames of all IT folk. Let me know if you wish to be added to the list!!/list/TheClapperBored/indietalkers

PS: You have to follow me as well, as I could not add myself to the list!

07-19-2011, 08:52 PM
I bit the bullet because of your God damned peer pressure :lol:

07-19-2011, 09:16 PM
oh oh i have one as well!

07-19-2011, 09:25 PM
@CarlDeFilippo (

07-20-2011, 01:26 PM
Fresh meat...

I've followed all of you and will add you to the Indietalk Twitter List!

07-20-2011, 01:49 PM
I am addicted to twitter... I have been using it for years (although not this twitter). @itunespimp (!/iTunesPimp) is my name :)

07-28-2011, 09:02 PM
Wer'e one away from 100 at invision media!

07-28-2011, 09:07 PM
Wer'e one away from 100 at invision media!

I'll try and give you a little push... :P

Grand Upper
07-28-2011, 09:28 PM
Ah, this thread has inspired us to get involved in this twitter lark.

Help it get off the ground :D!/WhitepawsPr

I'll be following you all shortly :)

07-28-2011, 11:16 PM
Thank you kindly :) I've been using Tweepi ( to follow people with a film interest tonight and manage Twitter overall and it's making a big impact so far!

Grand Upper
07-29-2011, 01:55 PM
I'd like to be added to that list, if possible.

Trying to get a network going so any adds to @WhitepawsPr would mean a lot.

07-29-2011, 02:01 PM
I have had a twitter account for a while but haven't done much with it as of yet. I will be tweeting about the process of making my short that is in pre-production.

07-29-2011, 02:06 PM

I noticed you are from Sayreville. I grew up in Monroe, but now live in CA. How is the indie film sceen in Central NJ?

08-04-2011, 05:24 PM!/Cjnix0n

Uranium City
08-29-2011, 10:11 PM
I just climbed on das twitter and tumblr trains

08-30-2011, 09:20 AM
Will be happy to follow back anyone who follows me - just DM me that you are from the forum!!/hedgespictures

I try to stay on-topic of what my company is working on and other film-related topics of interest.

Nate North
08-30-2011, 11:49 AM
Already following

09-29-2011, 12:04 PM
Ok, get ready to have a heart attack. I signed up for the twitter. Let's see if I last longer than C-Funk did.!/DirectorSammi

And of course, you lovely folks are my first followees :D

09-29-2011, 12:13 PM
I wondered who that was!

Dready is going to tear it up. Yeah buddy.

Flicker Pictures
09-29-2011, 12:24 PM
I saw that Dready. No, not a heart attack, but spit hot coffee all over my MacBook. Thanks.

09-30-2011, 07:49 PM
This picture single handedly explains why Twitter is worth your time and effort.

Yes, that's Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Source Code, retweeting one of the posts on my blog.

Grand Upper
09-30-2011, 09:23 PM
Upto 108 on @whitepawsPr

Got some nice contacts.

10-04-2011, 09:55 PM
well then, I joined recently and have added all of you ( i think). You'll see Lee Vervoort is following you, that's me.

steve gelder
10-05-2011, 12:10 AM
Just started tweeting a week or so ago - and, be forewarned, right now more than a few of my Tweets are regarding my participation in Occupy LA - although I will also be mentioning the werewolf movie I star in this weekend and the spot on an ABC show I film Thursday...


I'll be adding you all shortly!


B1gg B3n
11-30-2011, 04:21 AM
I started following the list. I'm going to add the rest of you when I get more time. In the mean time, I was hoping I might be able to get on the list.!/b1ggb3n

12-01-2011, 05:04 PM!/Sam_Moore1994

Will get around to following everyone tomorrow, as I'm off for the night now :)

EDIT As I've clearly got tons of time on my hands, I've followed most of the people here, certainly the most active on Twitter at least. Would appreciate it if people followed back :) Thanks a lot

01-03-2012, 01:40 PM
I just need 4 more followers to hit the big 1000!

That could be you! :D

Follow me on Twitter! You won't regret it (much)... (

01-14-2012, 09:28 PM (

01-14-2012, 10:00 PM!/Mogulkey


Chris Jay
02-26-2012, 03:52 PM

thanks :)

02-27-2012, 05:28 PM
Can't recall if I posted here or not, so here goes (maybe again)


02-28-2012, 12:23 AM
Go stalk me! hihihi.

03-01-2012, 06:24 AM
Pretty new on twitter myself. You can follow my misguided filmmaking adventures at as i make a fool of myself making bad movies whilst trying to learn the craft :P

03-01-2012, 09:32 AM
Twitter? What is this Twitter you all speak of?

I'd appreciate any follows: (

03-01-2012, 05:06 PM
Afraid of being lost in the pile.

Follow away.

03-01-2012, 06:09 PM
I'm still as obnoxious/useless as ever:

Recently cleaned house, too. :cool:

06-06-2012, 09:57 AM
Indie Mind TV:

06-24-2012, 07:11 AM
Hi guys, to save starting a few thread to promote myself. Here's the twitter and FB for my sitcom (which is creeping very slowely into production)!/studentuniontv

06-24-2012, 05:02 PM
I only started mine up. @oddgingerthinks

06-25-2012, 05:53 AM
Mine's a comedy account --


06-30-2012, 06:42 PM
will follow you back!/HepiMedia

Cracker Funk
08-20-2012, 10:01 PM
I'm still not tweeting, but I know a dude who is, and you should follow him ( ;)

11-02-2012, 07:33 AM
How did I not already see that IndieTalk had Twitter!

11-03-2012, 07:24 AM - a legendary indie film in the making (:

11-21-2012, 04:28 PM

01-01-2013, 08:51 AM
Of course I'm following. I love
@BoykinsENT and @BigTymeDirector

01-01-2013, 09:27 AM


01-16-2013, 12:28 AM
I tweet from Ottawa Ontario, hayphoto_ca and if you happen to live in the valley, give me a shout!

02-02-2013, 05:52 PM

I followed most of you that are still active on there a few days ago.

02-05-2013, 01:02 PM

I tweet about things I like and things that piss me I'm pretty unique in the twittersphere!!! :/

02-05-2013, 01:03 PM
@seishinmovie follow me i follow back, also you get to see some pics and maybe vids of the film as we progress....

06-24-2013, 03:28 AM

CS Production Studios
06-26-2013, 12:59 PM
Swing by and check out my twitter as well! Don't be afraid to ask for a SO, i'm good with those lol.

12-08-2013, 03:28 PM

12-08-2013, 03:57 PM
Student filmmaker rants here:

12-18-2013, 11:40 PM
Just a headsup, thought it would be a neat way to catalogue some projects, and keep up to date with what everybody is working on.

#ProjectShare Disclose daily a project, Blog, App, Music, Business, with #ProjectShare and check out who's doing what.

It could be something you like, something of your own creation, something you where reccomended.

Hopefully it'll play-out as a catalogue Twitter-folk can turn to when they have a spare hour.

One #ProjectShare a day.

Totally going to use this.

12-20-2013, 08:56 PM

Not super active now still getting the hang of the whole twitter thing, but mostly everything posted will be cinematography/camera dept related

01-05-2014, 10:27 PM
I post mainly stuff about my current projects.

Flicker Pictures
01-18-2014, 12:01 PM
I was getting some spammers with my previous feed so I had to disable it. For now, my new handle is

I'll be scrolling through the thread to follow some folks again. :yes: