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10-12-2010, 12:28 PM
Hey All,

I found a scene in the movie 'Aliens' that had no music, so I decided to mock up some music for it :D

Have a look here:

What do you guys think?

10-12-2010, 12:41 PM
lol that looks like Avatar meets Starship Troopers.

I liked it a lot!

I like how you let it breath and let the effects take over for a bit at the end. Movie scores don't need to me wall-to-wall 200 piece orchestras 100% of the time. I like how you kept it sparse in some places.

The only thing I feel like I should comment on is that the Lute or whatever was playing near the end sounds a little wrong for the motif of a space-horror film. I'd possibly use a different instrument with a more spacey tonality to it.

10-18-2010, 12:40 AM
The added music sounds over the top as I LOVE the original without music. I believe in the power of music when combined with moments of silence.

The scenes are much more scarier without any music. For me the music is distracting and pulls me out of the scene instead of pulling me in. The scare moment at 2:50 got killed by the music.

If I close my eyes I see Mickey Mouse walking a scary scene to the pizzicato played violins. It just doesn't work for me, sorry.

Some advice, the music should be lower in volume in the beginning and ... less is more, there is a lot happening in your cue which distracts me. Strip it down to its bare minimum and make the music meet with what's happening on screen, leaving plenty of room for those scare moments.

10-18-2010, 05:48 AM
I felt that it was too constant. Not enough mood shifts or use of percussion (a low timpani with an echo, perhaps). There should be parts that swell up, momentarily, and then fall off to soft and creepy. The music itself sounded okay.