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08-25-2010, 06:09 PM
Hello, my name is Dimitris Athanasopoulos and I live in Athens, Greece.I study music in Athens and I have a passion for films.I play many instruments (guitar, piano, drums, melodica, glockenspiel etc. ) compose and record music at home.I don't study film music particularly but I do my own research and work reading books and analysing the use of music and sound in films.I would be more than happy to write music for film or offer any help to a filmmaker who needs it.
I have recently released my first cd which contains instrumental music and you can check out some of the songs here >>>

or download it here >>>

you can also see some short animation/music videos created by Vasia Doulia (filmmaking student in athens) and music/sound by me at my youtube chanel >>>

If you would like to cooperate or talk about anything I would be happy to hear from you :)