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07-26-2010, 04:38 AM

Firstly to introduce myself, my name is Holly and I write, produce and perform my own ambient/electronic music under the name of Project Lumino. I use Logic with MIDI and live instruments which include acoustic guitar, microkorg, kaossilator, bass, glochenspiel. I have played guitar for ten years, bass for 8 piano from a young age (I am now 22).

I have been writing music now for four years and would like to start writing music for films. I've tried to advertise this on my myspace but haven't had any direct responses so thought I'd come to a place where there's bound to be someone!

I want some experience for a portfolio so I'm not asking for any money and even if it's just a short film you have already made and I can have a go at writing a piece for it that would be great too.

To listen to my music go to

and get in touch : )