View Full Version : Festival Suggestions/Recommendations for My Film?

07-05-2010, 02:59 PM
The film is told in five chapters: the first four introduce a new character and take us through a basic outline of who they are (drug addict, pregnant teen/whore, mentally unstable teen, serial killer) before, in the fifith chapter, they meet, discuss life and get in fights, and eventually there is a gun showdown between two of them that involves the whole group. It involves sex, violence, and drugs, obviously. It's got different elements as a whole; black and white, ,normal color, still shots, hand-held shots, etc. The audio pisses me off a bit, because the audio isn't up to par to what I'd like to see, but it's not bad. Overall, I'd say the film quality is higher than homemade, but lower than Hollywood. Maybe an average indie flick.

Based on all this, are there any recommendations on film festivals I'm apt to get into or would be especially interested in this film?