View Full Version : Where would you look for a film composer?

06-01-2010, 08:35 PM
So I'm a composer who has been attempting to connect with film makers. As most know, it is about who you know and establishing a relationship with the right director. So as a film maker, where would you look to find the right kind of composer for you?

06-01-2010, 08:43 PM
I just went on craigslist last week and described my project and what kind of music I wanted. In a few days I got a bunch of promising composers.

Alcove Audio
06-01-2010, 11:16 PM
You also need a reel in many styles. You can go to the Prelinger Archives and download all kinds of interesting video clips; just delete the audio and put in your own score. Choose things that you don't like in addition to things that are fun; they challenge your creativity. You can also do the same clip several ways - drama, comedy, suspense, etc.; the music changes the entire perception of the visuals. That will get you started until you get a few shorts under your belt.

A MySpace/FaceBook/etc. page with examples of your work will also assist in finding gigs.

06-02-2010, 01:34 AM
I have a web site with a reel, facebook and myspace. I would love to know what you guys think about the web site from a professional stand point.

Mark Stothard
06-25-2010, 05:26 AM
Hi Bvisel,

I watched a lot of your videos on your site. An awesome site by the way.

The videos were great and you seemed to capture the scenes wonderfully. Well done.

Cracker Funk
06-25-2010, 05:51 AM
I think your music's terrific. Reminds me of James Horner.