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02-09-2010, 10:27 PM
You know, this may be a tad specific, but I was in a sketch comedy group a few years back. We had weekly shows and would invite other comedy groups and musical acts to perform at the venue, making a complete show to see every week. So, over this course, we met plenty of actors and musicians, got to know them and their music, and were able to showcase our friends' work in our films, in an attempt to give them some more exposure. Many artists, actors and musicians, will take the opportunity to lend music to your film, out of generosity, yes, but also with the idea that you as a filmmaker will be helping to showcase their talent just as you showcase the talents of your actors.

Of course, not everyone has a show to meet a bunch of musicians, but I'd say get to know your local arts scene, or speak to your friends who already know it. You'll likely become acquainted with a good variety of different types of musicians, and perhaps they can collaborate with you. We are always very proud to feature the music of our friends, Elijah Wyman (tiny mtns), Jason Rozen, and Erik Neave (Cedarwell) - they have contributed music to all of our projects, and we are proud to have them play at our premieres, when we can.

Also, listen to local radio programs - many stations may have programs featuring music of local artists.