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10-23-2009, 12:56 AM
Many of you have read my thoughts on festivals. I just want to rant a little more. Because, while I don't mind being beat, it absolutely disgusts me when I see something so inferior kick my ass.

I entered Us Sinners in a free contest located in Hollywood. I expected no awards for my movie. I didn't even expect it to be shown at the screening. I realize (now) that it's a movie for a certain crowd. Who that crowd is, I don't know. But, people judging for festivals are not part of it. That's fine. But, there are one or two categories I felt I had a pretty good lock on, best actor and actress.

While you can despise my movie, anyone who knows anything about acting will say that my lead actors did a phenomenal job. Class A for a no-budget flick. Words like brilliant, excellent, picture perfect, magnificent among numerous others have been used to describe the lead Brandon Schraml. This is absolutely true. I might suck at writing a screenplay. I may not be able to direct my way out of a plastic bag, can't form a sentence or edit a movie. But, I know talent, and Brandon has it in truckloads. His performance is spotless, and better then most budgeted horror movies. Flat out, he's fucking incredible. That's a fact. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know shit about acting. It's like people saying Angela Bettis or Meryl Streep can't act. It's a ridiculous, stupidity ridden argument. REAL talent is not open for debate.

He was beat by a less then amateur hack. I just watched the trailer for this thing, and the actor looks and performs like an Ed Wood reject.

Hollywood! This thing (I won't even call it contest anymore) is located in Hollywood. Run by people who are suppose to know talent. What a crock of shit.

I won't mention the name, because I won't give them the publicity. When I'm sober (shameful Yankee game tonight) I'm going to write a thoughtful fuck you to the promoters of this thing.

For those who think I'm a sore loser; seriously it's like Justin Guarini (From Justin to Kelly) beating Sean Penn (Mystic River) for Best Actor at the Oscars. Yes, that's the gap difference between the performances. And yes, you can tell what a movie is going to be like from the trailer, along with the performances. If the trailer performance sucks, there isn't much hope for the full film.

10-23-2009, 02:13 AM
Dude..... get over it.

That is all!

10-23-2009, 09:22 AM
I feel your pain dude. It happens all the time--politics, favoritism, you name it, it's there.

I'd love to see this Brandon in action...supporting and believing in your cast and crew is so important. I just watched the trailer, and ya, he definitely looks like a solid actor. It's nice to have one of those, isn't it? :)

Let me tell you a little story. Providence 48hr Film Fest...our film NUN OF THAT (which sparked the feature) had amazing composite effects in it. Explosions, bullet holes, muzzle flash…all really well done. We were positive we’d take home ‘Best Special FX’ in our group…nope…guess who won? A black and white film that had a ghost in it…they made a transparent figure…and they took the award. Fucking ridiculous. Everyone mentioned it us getting jipped, not just our team. (for reference, here is the 48 hr so you can see our FX:

But hey…that’s life. These competitions don’t mean shit.

10-24-2009, 11:20 AM
But hey…that’s life. These competitions don’t mean shit.

That's true. In the end, everything means nothing. But, if someone is asking you for money (99% of festivals and contests do) then they should be on the up and up. The people making the decisions should know their shit. If you're going to vote on Best Actor you should know the difference between a good performance and a crappy one. If you're going to vote on FX and don't know anything that goes into getting these effects on screen then you're unqualified to be part of the process. Which in the end means they're stealing your money. Even more importantly, as the artist every instance where you lose effects the confidence in your following project. You have to for a while second guess what you thought was basic common sense.

Did you ask what they were thinking? I created a ghost effect in one of my early "do it all by myself shorts". I was practicing editing. It's kind of funny if you want to check it out.

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