View Full Version : Post Production Wanted (Anywhere on earth)Matte painter/FX guys,... pimps of the image needed

09-08-2009, 09:15 AM
Reiki the Movie the first action-fantasy feature film from Belgium is done.

The movie was already invited to several events and was screened in Cannes during the festival at the Marché du Film.

Now, the premiere will happen in the Bruges Film Festival in November.

So, we are looking for motivated matte painters, special effects guys, to pimp up the movie and give it a whole new dimension.

Every kind of talent is welcome, since we have a lot of small sequences needing different kinds of effects.

There is no pay unfortunately, since our budget was of 6000 euros. But there is a credit, a copy of dvd, a credit on imdb, and of course the movie already has some buzz.

We are looking for really talented guys, that are motivated in helping out a fellow filmmaker in this tough world of Indie filmmaking.