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08-17-2009, 08:03 PM
Fellow Independent Filmmakers:

I recently completed my first independent feature film, the Civil War horror film Shroud.

As my career is now firmly fixed in the entertainment sector, I wanted to pass along my services to any other filmmaker who may be in need of them.


Personally, I am writer, producer, director, production designer/art director and fight choreographer. I also work with visual effects.

My listing is here:

My official website is located here:


This is my full-service design studio that specializes in diverse services and solutions for both the corporate and entertainment sectors: logos, graphic design, photography, film production services, website design & development, marketing, advertising, etc.

I do a lot of things and I do them very well.

So, if any of you fellow fillmmakers need some extra muscle on any of your projects, I would be happy to be considered.

Full resume, portfolio and galleries on request.

I am also on Facebook (David Jetre).

Keep on filming, guys.