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04-06-2009, 06:26 PM
I'm a Student right now and want to get into video/film in the future. I'm planning on getting a camera of my own this summer so that I can get more hands on experience and it will encourage me to shoot more.

My budget is around $1500. I figured that there may be some accessories (tripod, mic...) so I'm trying to keep everything below $2000.

With that said I've been looking to buy used and have been looking at the DVX100a. I'ved used the 100b and like the feel but also see that this camera gets a lot of good reviews and is going for about $1300 used on ebay.

However I'm starting to watch more amateur films and people shooting on HD and they really look great. So now I have the decision of to by the DVX or go HD. Any thoughts?

The functions (depth of field, focus, shutter, XLR Audio, etc) are more important to me as that's what I want to learn as a filmmaker so I'm not interested in getting a consumer HD camera because it lacks so much.

Could I get an HD camera with functions like the DVX has for a decent price? What are 'prosumer' HD cameras to look at that still give plenty of functions to learn the craft.

04-06-2009, 06:41 PM
I myself bought a dvx100a and use dvxb's everyday...they are great cameras!!

If you want to go HD thats really up to you, just understand it will be more expensive :(

04-07-2009, 02:21 PM
I was faced with a quandary. I had a DXV100B for sale for about $1,000 but I also want to shoot HD and be able to edit in HD.

I ended up choosing the Canon HV20 (now up to HV30 and HV40) because it shoots 24P and in full 1080 high def. It's a single chip camera, but it's CMOS not CCD sensors so it's a different kind of image. I use it as a VCR for any of the Sony HDV flavors and also the Canon HDV cameras too. I've since bought a 35mm lens adapter for it (the JAG35) and the beachtek XLR input so that this is a robust little camera now.

I love the DVX's and I currently have 2 of them at the studio where I work, but everything for us is going to HD, so they get used very little anymore. I know that even my BEHIND THE SCENES are getting shot in HD to future proof them.