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02-16-2009, 05:30 PM
We need several top-notch shooters to shoot some HD1080i footage for an instructional video project. We don't need much, but this is not a low-budget project, and we need excellent looking footage of very specific content.

Most of the footage involves shooting scenes with family and kids, including:

- a school play or recital
- birthday party
- soccer or other kids' sporting event
- fun at the beach
- fun in the snow (skiing or snowboarding)
- other similar family events

Since our timeline is a little tight (we need the footage by the week of March 2 - 6), the shooters we're seeking need to either:

1. have kids (or nieces, nephews or neighbors) that will be participating in events similar to the above in the next few weeks


2. be able to help find us a location where one of the above events will be taking place. We can pay a $100 - $200 location fee on top of the shooter's fee.

We need footage that looks great, but shot with camera and tripod only (no professional lights or gear- natural light and practicals only). So the locations need to be naturally photogenic (as well as the kids themselves :-)

Once you respond, we will provide you with a detailed shotlist. We will only need a few minutes of usable footage, so if you shoot 10 - 15 minutes we'll have plenty to choose from. We will need model releases from all people (or parents of kids) whose face is recognizable in the video.

If you are interested, please email with the following info:

- a little info about the event you have the opportunity to shoot
- the date you would be able to get the footage to us
- how much you would charge
- link to a demo reel of your camerawork
- it would be really great if you could take a couple photos of the location and attach them to the email

Thanks! :)

p.s. Even if you are not a professional camera operator, if you have a family event coming up in the next few weeks, and are willing to allow a professional cameraperson to videotape the event, we will offer a $100 - $200 location fee. (You will also receive a copy of the footage if you'd like.)

02-16-2009, 05:30 PM