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02-16-2009, 12:49 PM
Part of the mystery in Shroud revolves around the legend of a child-killer. To convey this grisly truth about the many child murders near Shroud, we originally had resin molds made for the bone yard. Ideally, we wanted to cover an entire slope of land with thousands of child bones; however, being our first film (and an independent one at that) we simply didn’t have the budget for hundreds of child skeletons.

Making the skulls, we planted them off the main trail at Hamilton Pool cave and shot our scene. Regrettably, there simply weren’t enough skulls (and no complete skeletons) to create a true killing ground.

When we decided to return to Hamilton Pool Cave to shoot new B-roll footage for Shroud, it seemed a good time to re-shoot the bone yard sequence as well.

For whatever reason, I did not find the same online resources last year as I did the week before I returned to Hamilton Pool Cave. Using Google, I searched for “prop bones” and ended up at a wonderfully macabre website called

This site specializes in skeletons and horror paraphernalia of all kind for film: corpses, skulls, skeletons, entrails, tombstones, etc.

I selected some brutally grotesque child skeletons along with assorted bones and forensic quality skulls and had them delivered 2-day ground. Let me say: they look amazing. They are forensic quality replicas and are used by graduating medical students in class.

Long story short, our new bone yard looks like a real bone-strewn dumping ground. It simply looks amazing. The forensic quality skulls stand up to extreme close-ups, with just the right tone and texture to the bone to look perfectly disturbing.

Need bones? Go to

David Jetre
Writer | Producer | Director