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02-06-2009, 01:12 PM
I am looking to purchase a Sony V1U within the end of next month; I am just looking to get a little more feedback on this camera before I purchase.
I will be shooting some indie films - in HD - as well as some other video projects such as music videos/live performances, skate videos, podcasts...etc.
This camera has a few different features that have drawn me in. 1st, it shoots in true 1920x1080. Also, its weight and compact size. I heard it has decent pre-amps for the mic pickups (although I will be using an external recorder as well).
Because money is an object, I will also break that down too. I found the camera for $3050 plus a $300 Sony manufacturer mail in rebate. This is the general price range I am in.
Any feedback - positive or negative - would be fantastic. I have read many reviews, but you guys are the true reviewers.

03-10-2009, 12:21 PM
I had the european version of this camera, the V1E.
1) final capture is always 1440x1080 because it records HDV and thats how it is defined.
2) Camera has problems with fast motion and compression artifacts - much more than you would expect. I have similar footage of the Canon XH-A1 with almost zero artifacts, while the Sony shows heavy blocking for several frames.
3) noisy in low light - it doesn't work well with live recording of bands under low light

It is not that the Sony doesn't make nice pictures - it will - but 2) & 3) were show stoppers for me.