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12-30-2008, 11:03 AM

I am a beginner ... I just got a JVC GZ-HD40U and Final Cut Pro.
This camera shoots different formats .... I can't get anything "into" FCP.
Does anyone know how to get any "footage" off this camera into FCP.
I would like to get "rolling", because I'd like a "best director" nomination by 2012.


Dave Pastecchi
12-30-2008, 01:48 PM
there are many ways around this...TOD is realy a MPEG...but recoded for JVC License...

you can use WinAVI Converter..there is a funny video here that tells you how to do it:

or this is another way:. It may seem tedious but once you learn it, it is basically a snap:

-Turn on pc
-Connect Everio to pc with USB cable
-Turn on Everio
-See 2 choices on Everio screen, click 'Playback on PC'
-Close any programs that will open automatically on your pc (I think PowerCinema, another program that comes with the Everio, opens but close this)
-On pc open Power Director (PD) software that came with Everio
-In PD, Click on the folder button (turns yellow on mouse over) in upper left corner of screen directly under 'Capture' button.
-See dropdown menu click 'open media folder'
-Look for drive that says EVERIO_HDD and open it
-I guess it will depend on what you are doing and what you are uploading (either video or stills, file format, etc may be in various folders your Everio instruction manual can help you with this) but you can start by trying SD_VIDEO then PRG001 for vids and click 'OK' and that should get you going
-Allow computer time to convert files and then you will see your files populate in the media viewer

From here you can use PowerDirector to edit video. However, if you would like to edit video in another program such as Premiere do the following to store them in a folder in Windows:

-In PD drag any files you want to transfer to the timeline then click the 'Produce' button at top of PD screen
-A produce window opens with a number of options
-To specify the folder you want to send the files to, see the button 'Output to' near lower left of window
-On the right see 'Step 1' and 4 boxes, click the 'Create a File' box and click the green arrow below
-Step 2 opens and choose file type, you can start with DV-AVI (select .avi) and click green arrow
-Step 3 opens and click the green check mark at bottom
-Allow the computer time to produce the movie and click the green check mark again after it is done.
-Open the folder you have saved your files to see the files
-Then open your video editing software such as Premiere and import the files

This should get you off and running. If you have a new version of Sony dont need anything as this update can deal with TOD files...i think i will have to get Sony
hope this helps

12-30-2008, 01:51 PM

Any tips on how to use that cameras format on Final Cut?

Dave Pastecchi
12-30-2008, 02:01 PM
JVC supplies a CD with an installable OS X driver that enables the QuickTime Player, iMovie HD, and FCP to import TOD files. Unfortunately, FCP cannot play or edit TOD files. According to JVC, you should use QuickTime Player Pro to import, one by one, each TOD file and convert it to AIC, HDV, or ProRes 422. Obviously, this is very time-consuming.
MPEG Streamclip is able to batch convert TOD files and so using it is far more efficient than using the workflow recommended by JVC. (MPEG Streamclip is able to import TOD files without installing the JVC software).

for those of you that bought a used camera with no software at all....