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11-29-2008, 04:26 PM
OK, i have a hv30 and want a depth of field lens for my projects. But... I don't know anything about them. If I were to buy one, would i need anything else? does it attach itself to the camera or do I need something to attach it? Oh yea whats up with a 35mm adapter? Is that just another name I'm so confused. Plz help

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Oh yea this is from another post but what does it mean?

"Is there a cheaper option for the (35MM) look."

What does this mean, a 35mm looks?

11-29-2008, 05:31 PM
DoF adaptor and 35mm adaptor are technically not the same thing, although everyone seems to use the term to refer to the same piece of equipment. A 35mm adaptor allows you to put a 35mm lens on your non-35mm camera. The DoF adaptor contains not only that function, but a surface for the 35mm lens to resolve its image. The camera behind the DoF adaptor then captures this pre-resolved image at its smaller format to get a "35mm DoF".

There are many types, some screw on, some replace the lens, some sit in front of the lens of the camera it's being attached to. Depends on the camera you have and the adaptor you're getting.

Hope that helps a bit. There's more to the "35mm look" though than just the DoF, the lattitude (amounts of gray between black and white) and gamma curves (the distribution of those grays) are different as well.