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10-26-2008, 05:08 AM
Dear Indie Lovers,

I would like to introduce our new feature film and ask for your support by visiting the blog.

Here's the pitch;

The Dice Man Blog is a new concept in filmmaking, we are challenging the subscribers to get involved in the thought process behind the film inspired by Luke Rhinehart's The Dice Man. The blog will literally help write, cast and direct the movie!

And it's totally free!

Each we week ask a series of questions and then the reader, will vote and discuss. The results help to shape the final movie and every contributor will receive a credit on the film.

Eight students searching for 'THE' alternative experience find more than they hoped for at the hands of the die.

Short Synopsis:
Eight students looking for the ultimate alternative experience decide to lock themselves away in a house for a week in the French Alps, with a bagful of drugs and furtive imaginations. On the drive over, one of them reads The Dice Man and convinces the other students that the ultimate alternative experience would be to adopt his rules for the rest of the week and leave their decisions to a chance roll of the die (think Russian Roulette but with dice). What starts as a fun experiment soon becomes as serious as life and death. Their alternative experience becomes a struggle for survival as all boundaries are crossed and some take to the amoral lifestyle like it's second nature. Will any of them make it back alive?

About Me:
Director and writer of eight digital short films.

What I Want:
Collaborators to get involved with the process. We are the first digital feature film to write, cast, fund and direct our movie using a blog were the subscribers get to decide how the film is made.

It's a very low budget feature made in the style of Cloverfield (first person camera POV) but without the CGI monsters. A Horror/Thriller that should appeal to the universal teen movie market and we're looking for contributors, subscribers and some money men.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could give us by passing this onto the right people etc.


The Dice Man