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11-24-2007, 01:00 AM
I'm working on a series called El Library, which is loosely based on my experience working at the Library and is a cross between The Office, Red vs. Blue, and Clerks. The content isn't kid-friendly, with profanity in every episode and subject matter not suitable for most voice actors to voice.

This is an animated series so I'm looking for voices. I'm casting in other forums and the Yang character is what I mainly want casted because thus far, I haven't found anyone who can do that part.

Paul – lazy, overly critical, likes to deviate his work load to someone else.
Lake – likes brownies, and has a fetish for old ladies, likes to take breaks.

Jake – swears a lot, always gets the work meant for others to do.
Steven – new guy. Eager to work.
Louis – pure diabolically evil paranoid who thinks he’s an alien.

Desk Clerks
Keith – knowledgeable on trivia. Highly competitive and likes to gamble.
Tom – prejudice against everyone, especially the homeless and the mentally and physically disabled.

Yang – knows only 3 English phrases, “May I help you,” “These are due back in 3 weeks,” and “Go fuck yourself.” Otherwise, she speaks Chinese.

John – manager, librarian, has short-term memory problems, looks unkempt
Nancy Ferguson – supervisor. Most normal and serious character of all.

Mr. Fitz – pervert, likes to watch people make out or people looking at porn on computers and tell Paul and Lake about it.
Bob – resourceful homeless man; hangs out in the library during open hours.
Abigail – other desk clerk.
Dustin – guy who’s usually at the PA.

This is for a hobby, so there is no compensation, other than getting your voice acting some exposure.