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09-13-2006, 11:10 AM
Down into Happiness Release!
With humor, melancholy and brilliant characterization, these three vignettes force the audience to explore their own notions of happiness. In the first vignette, a dog-walker/aspiring acress struggles to find happiness looking for her big break into television. In the second, an advertising copy-writer is overcome with paranoid preoccupation of death, specifically of his living and otherwise healthy parents. The last story introduces us to a wife-dominated driving instructor who finds happiness when he discovers his true passion in life is...well, drinking ketchup. Produced, Directed and Written by brother-sister team of Geoffrey Fingerhut, Benjamin Fingerhut and Astrid Fingerhut.

Amy - Part 1 of 3, this film was produced as part of the 72 Hour Feature Project, for which participants shot and edited feature-length movies in 72 Hours

Official Selection East Lansing Film Festival

Gerry Part 2 release date October 1st
Heath Part 3 release date October 15th