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  1. East Coast Composer Available too!
  2. Phila/NYC Composer & Creative Services
  3. Composer Site - Tell me what you think
  4. Composer / Sound Designer Available
  5. Composer Needed for Short Thriller Film in Boston area
  6. Composer available FREE
  7. Seattle/Vancouver film & media composer
  8. Original Composer for Films and television
  10. Experienced Film Composer in NJ/NY/PA Area
  11. Powerful dramatic film music composer!
  12. A music composer who can compose in 3-4days for 5min film
  13. 5min Short is Done and need of Composer "please Read he
  14. Inexpensive, Professional Music & FX for your Film Proje
  15. Composer for Film, Television and Games Available
  16. Music/Composer Available Experienced Orchestral Film Composer Available
  17. Need a Grammy-nominated composer for FREE?
  18. Graphic Artists?
  19. editor available
  20. Experienced Composer
  21. Admit One Media Inc. - In House Video Services for the big and small
  22. Needed: 3dmax mesher
  23. New member -- quick intro
  24. Need Composer for ITOOFC #2
  25. Versatile Composer Available...
  26. editor available
  27. Composer and Songs Needed for Feature Film (San Diego/Los Angeles, CA)
  28. Filmmusic Composer
  29. So you're looking for audio?
  30. composer for short film req'd
  31. Music composer-instrumental music for your movies
  32. Composer available
  33. FX for Low Budget Projects
  34. Music to License
  35. Soundtracks
  36. Soundtracks for Indepedent Films.
  37. Another Composer Avaliable :)
  38. Great Songs For Films ****
  39. Composer Available (Pro Tools Studio)
  40. Free Music Available!!!
  41. The Public Music Project is now online!
  42. Yet Another composer...sigh :)
  43. Afforable music - click, download, use...
  44. Composer Available for Your Project
  45. Composer Needed For Trailer
  46. it's time for a new independent movie industry
  47. New Music For Your Pictures??
  48. Another composer available
  49. Looking for Writers, Filmmakers, Actors, Musicians, Artists, and Crew
  50. Soundtrack suggestion 4 a indie movie
  51. Composer for your Films!!!
  52. Royalty Free Music at no cost
  53. New Composer Offering Free Music
  54. Good source for South Asian footage
  55. Other Side Cinema looking for Completed Screenplays
  56. Seeking Screenwriter for Fanfilm short
  57. Experienced composer looking for creative projects
  58. filmcomposer offers his services,
  59. Script Writer Wanted
  60. Composer looking for work
  61. Experienced Composer Seeks New Projects
  62. Free music scoring for your films
  63. exec producer needed
  64. Dicarlo Productions Music!!!!!
  65. Chasing the Sun Productions
  66. Chasing the Sun Productions - Need a Composer?
  67. Storyboard artist needed.
  68. music to donate
  69. Award-Winning Composer available for projects
  70. Free Registration
  71. Composer offering free music
  72. Offer: robo3687's free indie film company logo's
  73. IŽll Make you a Complete Soundtrack!
  74. Composer looking for international collaboration
  75. Music composer looking for work
  76. PAISLEY RIOT: Free Independent Music for Independent Films
  77. Artists & Writers for Online Comic Book Needed
  78. ...Face To The Ground...
  79. Editior Wanted *(Paid)
  80. Music Scoring on highest Level!
  81. Story board artists (Unpaid/Profit Share)
  83. Photoshop artist available
  84. Seeking Music for for Low Budget Film Project
  85. ..Offering my services..
  86. Night Warrior: Web Promotions Producer Required!
  87. Hello. Interested in doing this myself.
  88. Offering voicework services (Narration, etc.)
  89. Yet another composer offering...
  90. Composer for free or for hire
  91. Composer looking for opportunities in film...
  92. free music-elements + available for exclusive music
  93. A Touch of Class
  94. Need a Composer - Animated SciFi Film
  95. Composer of Pop Rock
  96. Free music for filmmakers
  97. Artists for Web Based Comic, Film and Multimedai Project
  98. Mellow Acoustic Instrumental Work
  99. SATAN'S LUNCHBOX: free for Halloween
  100. Free professional music for your production
  101. 2 professional composers availible...
  102. Composer needed
  103. Need contract for musicians?
  104. Post Production Avail.
  105. Composition Student looking for unpaid experience
  106. Composer available...
  107. My first post on this board!
  108. Rock Songs Available
  109. oh no, not another composer ! :)
  110. Music for movies...
  112. Classical composer available
  113. Composer available - pianist and cellist also
  114. Welcome to the OpenMovie Project!
  115. Writer Required
  116. Fantastic Film Score
  117. Raising your budget with 20k? Proposition from composer Thomas Rydell
  118. My New Angle
  119. Three of my classical works
  120. UK Feature Seeks Music!
  121. Actress call for Asian movies
  122. Gear ? for 50+ track scores
  123. Mgr/Producer Colin OReilly Now Offering Script Consultations
  124. El Library (Voice casting call)
  125. LAMENT: The Musical
  126. Raising your budget with 20k? Proposition from composer Thomas Rydell
  127. Experienced Cinematographer Showreel
  128. Interested in Collaboration
  129. Royalty Free music and writing requests
  130. Seeking Screenwriter for Feature
  132. Demo Reel (Composer)
  133. Possibly looking for a composer for an orchestral score
  135. Musician/Producer offering his services
  136. SFX designer and composer offering creative services
  137. Sound Design.
  138. Cheap VFX Work
  139. Filmmakers (Almost) Wanted
  140. Remote Controled Flying Camera System
  141. Music/Composer Available Experienced orchestral film composer available
  142. Musician with film scoring experience looking for a project
  143. Composer looking for work
  144. Composer/sound designer shows his work (grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy)
  145. Do you need original music for your Film?
  146. Interested in original score?
  147. Music-production company offers free tailor-made music and SFX for short indie-films
  148. Orchestrations and more!
  149. Who needs film scores?
  150. Offering original music for your projects :-)
  151. Music/Composer Available Composer with new royalty free collection
  152. I want to soundtrack your indie film for free...
  153. I need a cyclops
  154. Why bother with music?
  155. Looking for Composer/Film Scorer
  156. Composer Needed
  157. P R O T O Q U B E
  158. Musician looking to collaborate for experience
  159. Music/Composer Available Composer For Films / Games
  160. I need composers who are willing to make some music for my short film (romance music)
  161. Poster Designer
  162. Music/Composer Available Composer available for film and television music!
  163. Music/Composer Available Industrial/Ambient/Electronica/Rock music availible for film/videogame
  164. Music/Composer Available Do You Need MUSIC for Your film/show?!
  165. Production Service Available Poster Designer, Cinematographer
  166. Music/Composer Available i write songs.
  167. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for composer?
  168. Music/Composer Available Composer Seeking Work
  169. Music/Composer Available Free music available for your film
  170. Music/Composer Available original music - 'art mix'
  171. Misc. Available Free Website for your film or production company
  172. 35mm Stock Footage and other services available
  173. Crew Wanted Looking for Shooters
  174. Music/Composer Available Music for your every need!
  175. Writer Wanted Looking for film journalists, reviewers, critics
  176. Misc. Wanted Make me a film!
  177. Misc. Wanted will somebody document my record setting solo nonstop drive from NYC to LA?
  178. Music/Composer Available Music for your every need!
  179. Music/Composer Available Musician Interested in Indie Films
  180. Writer Wanted Hoffmann Bros. Recruiting Munich seeks storyliner for an international feature film
  181. Post Production Wanted Any cgi fx artists here?
  182. Music/Composer Available Ready to go music available for you
  184. Music/Composer Available music production company seeks to expand portfolio
  185. Pre-Production Available Budgeting & Scheduling services
  186. Post Production Available Color Grading up to 2K (incl RED) with APPLE COLOR and Blu-Ray Authoring
  187. Music/Composer Available >>>MUSIC FOR YOUR FILM >>>
  188. Writer Available Let me write for you!
  189. Music/Composer Available [SCORE] Victory Theme
  190. Music/Composer Available Composer work for free!!!
  191. Music/Composer Available Professional chill out music available for film use
  192. Post Production Available Transfesr your 400' reel 35 or 16mm to SD,HD,2K,4K $275 a reel introductory rate
  193. Writer Available Will Work for Credit
  194. Music/Composer Available Music and sound design
  195. Music/Composer Available Independent Film/Music Competition
  196. Writer Wanted Screenwriter Needed
  197. Producer Wanted seeking a producer!!
  198. Music/Composer Available 'Pay what you like' music for film
  199. Music/Composer Available Fresh new sound
  200. Music/Composer Available film music themes
  201. Misc. Wanted Our experimental music your experimental film
  202. Music/Composer Available Mathazzar Studios | Professional Music Composition
  203. Pre-Production Available Storyboard Artist
  204. Music/Composer Available If You Need Music Maybe I Can Help
  205. Music/Composer Available If you are looking for music for your projects
  206. Post Production Available Introductory rate offered
  207. Misc. Available design services: promo materials & title sequences
  208. Music/Composer Available Soundtrack composer available
  209. Music/Composer Available Real Music, Real Musicians
  210. Music/Composer Available Quality, easy to work with Composer, and free! seeking projects
  211. Music/Composer Wanted Composer Needed
  212. Writer Wanted Writer for Universe and Space topic?
  213. Music/Composer Available Want some scoring experience
  214. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for collaborations
  215. Misc. Available ConLang (Constructed Language)
  216. Cast Wanted Nationally televised MTV commercials
  217. Misc. Available U.S. Immigration
  218. Music/Composer Available Music / Composer Available
  219. Music/Composer Wanted Indie movie looking for music score
  220. Music/Composer Available Free Music for Your Film
  221. Cast Wanted Be in Wonderlick's next music video!
  222. Music/Composer Available COMPOSER FOR SHORT FILM AVAILABLE
  223. Writer Wanted Show off your synopsis and/or script
  224. Music/Composer Available Music Composer for your film.
  225. Post Production Available Need Visual Effects?
  226. Music/Composer Available Music updated
  227. Crew Wanted Need experienced technicians for paid shoots WORLDWIDE
  228. Misc. Wanted I need a 3-d animator
  229. Music/Composer Available I will write original music for your film
  230. Misc. Wanted youtube celeb
  231. Music/Composer Available What kind of score would you like?
  232. Music/Composer Available KeyeS Music for your Eyes
  233. Pre-Production Available Studio 930 Film Services
  234. Film Scores
  235. Misc. Available I create Computer UI Screens for film & TV
  236. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for TV/Film/Game work
  237. Production Service Wanted On the hunt for an ANIMATOR
  238. Writer Available Screenwriter
  239. Music/Composer Available Rock music available
  240. Music/Composer Wanted music
  241. Music/Composer Available Music Composer available for Hire
  242. Music/Composer Wanted i am stuck...
  243. Music/Composer Available Professional composer Taking on new projects
  244. Music/Composer Available Royalty Free Music For TV / Film & Advertising
  245. Post Production Available Film Transfer: SD, HD & 2k Data Scanning. 35mm & 16mm Affordable Telecine
  246. Music/Composer Available any adventurous filmakers out there?
  247. Music/Composer Wanted Indie movie looking for composer
  248. Music/Composer Available Can somebody help me and give 10-15 min
  249. Misc. Available Studio-Quality Movie Posters (Limited Time Offer)
  250. Music/Composer Available Great exposure for you and 10 free music trax