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  1. Misc. Wanted Viral Ad!
  2. Music/Composer Available Aspiring composer seeking film makers of similar level
  3. Music/Composer Available Free Music Composer
  4. Misc. Wanted New Independent Movie Project
  5. Writer Wanted Looking to produce someone's script!
  6. Director Wanted Directors Wanted
  7. Cast Wanted (non-paid) looking for a female voice
  8. Misc. Available My New Business
  9. Cast Member Available Matt Marshall (29) Actor, UK.
  10. Producer Wanted Looking for producer for a PARANORMAL DOCUMENTARY
  11. Writer Wanted Looking for a short script
  12. Post Production Available I will cut your feature trailer FOR FREE!
  13. Music/Composer Available Award Nominated Composer Avalaible
  14. Producer Available Writer/producer looking to help with feature-length horror projects
  15. Music/Composer Available Flexible film music composer
  16. Job Available Any Talented Web-Designers?
  17. Post Production Available Hello i do sound and i need a Movie
  18. Misc. Wanted Attn Filmmakers & Pro Videograpers: Seeking Crazy/Weird/Funny Stories from the Field
  19. Music/Composer Available Interested in working on short film for free
  20. Music/Composer Wanted I need some quality free soundtrack websites
  21. VFX Artist Availble
  22. VFX Artist & Composer Wanted
  23. Music/Composer Available Some Free High Quality Music for your productions
  24. Misc. Wanted 2 openings at Deathworld Mansion: Apply Now
  25. Music/Composer Available Production Music Library
  26. Music/Composer Available composer offers work for free
  27. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for composer for my Post Apocalyptic short film(no pay)
  28. Music/Composer Available My music is looking for your awesome project!
  29. Music/Composer Available Need Music for your film?
  30. Cast Wanted Voice Actor needed!
  31. Music/Composer Available Original Music for you
  32. Writer Wanted Looking for a Writer
  33. Misc. Wanted anyone willing to volunteer?
  34. Music/Composer Available Man From sound, non-profit composer available
  35. Too good for youtube? YOUR content on DEMAND.
  36. Music/Composer Available Free Music Composer/ Producer available here
  37. Music/Composer Available Composer available for feature/short films, specific scenes, commercials.etc
  38. Music/Composer Wanted Composer needed!
  39. Pre-Production Wanted Storyboard Artist
  40. Misc. Wanted The Next Action Heroine Screenplay
  41. Music/Composer Available Rob Scales - Film composer and arranger.
  42. Music/Composer Available Free Film Score...
  43. Music/Composer Available music composer looking to collaborate!
  44. Music/Composer Available MUSIC CLOUT: $$An awesome new resource for music$$
  45. Post Production Wanted Can You make a Demon Face?
  46. Producer Wanted looking for local producers
  47. Production Service Available Spectacular High Power Laser Lighting 3D Special Effect Services Worldwide Discounts
  48. Post Production Wanted Color Correctionist needed for Movie Preview Trailer
  49. Pre-Production Wanted Opening Credits
  50. Misc. Wanted Any interest in making a music video?
  51. Music/Composer Available Music Composer Available
  52. Misc. Wanted Looking for a Promoter!
  53. Director Wanted Directors Wanted to join team
  54. Music/Composer Available Video Game Composer Looking For Film Project
  55. Music/Composer Wanted Short Action/Drama 'Only Human'
  56. Crew Wanted Need Special Makeup Effects Artist
  57. Post Production Wanted Only Human - Action/Drama - Colourist Needed
  58. Crew Wanted After footage for a music video
  59. Music/Composer Available Affordable Independent Score
  60. Post Production Available Matte painter available
  61. Music/Composer Available Offering Professional Orchestral Music!
  62. Music/Composer Available For different media and purposes.
  63. Director Wanted Looking for director for videoclip
  64. Music/Composer Available Professional music for your film
  65. Music/Composer Available Sam Foster | Electronic/Ethnic/Classical Game/Film Composer
  66. Music/Composer Available Composer offering professional scores for your projects
  67. Music/Composer Available Rob Scales - Film composer and arranger.
  68. Music/Composer Available Composer Michael Ratkowski
  69. Music/Composer Available Original Music For Soundtrack
  70. Music/Composer Available Music and Sound Design Specialist
  71. Cast Wanted Interviewees Needed for short doc
  72. Post Production Available $$ to design DVD box cover
  73. Director Wanted Looking for Director (reel required)
  74. Job Available Music Video Required- paid
  75. Music/Composer Available Composer Available - Based out of Toronto
  76. Writer Wanted Articles for Website (writer wanted)
  77. Music/Composer Available Need A Masterful Music Composer? *Please Read Now*
  78. Music/Composer Available Indie Music For Soundtrack
  79. Looking for a pro-bono composer.
  80. Writer Wanted Seeking a dedicated writing partner.
  81. Post Production Wanted Any Sound engineer in this forum?
  82. Music/Composer Available Awesome quality sound design and scoring!
  83. How to get great sound
  84. Music/Composer Available Music available for film /
  85. Music/Composer Available Musican / Producer available
  86. Music/Composer Wanted Composer needed for Magical Realism-Romance!
  87. Screenwriter needed.
  88. Music/Composer Available A new formula for have Music!
  89. Music/Composer Wanted Stockholm Santa, short film seeks composer!
  90. Writer Wanted Writer wanted for new web series, "CHILLS"
  91. Post Production Wanted Collaboration On A Short Film Series
  92. Music/Composer Available Composer Looking For Films To Score
  93. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for a singer/songwriter for a film!
  94. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for a composer for a low budget feature
  95. Music/Composer Wanted For Documentary Film
  96. Music/Composer Wanted Composer Wanted
  97. Misc. Wanted Looking for concept artist
  98. Music/Composer Wanted Your Industrial Songs in Soon-to-Be Released Horror film
  99. Music/Composer Available Matt Collins- Composer for hire!
  100. Music/Composer Available Orchestral and Chamber Ensemble Music
  101. Music/Composer Available ALARGIC Original Symphony Orchestra Scores
  102. Misc. Wanted is ready for you to set up your profile!!!
  103. Music/Composer Available Innovative Semi-Professional Composer
  104. Misc. Wanted Voice over Artist needed
  105. Music/Composer Available Composer Available!
  106. Production Service Wanted hiring full sound service
  107. Job Available Web Designer
  108. Post Production Wanted Foley-artist wanted for 48HFP
  109. Pre-Production Wanted simple compositing for 48HFP
  110. Writer Wanted For a short thriller
  111. Writer Available Need a Screenwriter?
  112. Post Production Wanted Title Sequence Needed!
  113. Music/Composer Available Mitchell Gibbs - Freelance Composer for Film, TV & Video Games
  114. Music/Composer Available Music Composer with feature experience
  115. Post Production Wanted Visual effects artist/grading needed for short film
  116. Post Production Wanted Film Poster Designer!
  117. need commissioned music for your film? post rock/surf/prog/ambient instrumental?
  118. Post Production Available Computer graphics artist
  119. Writer Wanted For A New Webseries!
  120. Music/Composer Wanted Seeking Composer for Asian Vietnam War-era Drama
  121. Post Production Wanted Visual Effects Artists Needed
  122. Job Wanted Composer looking for new projects
  123. Job Available Company Logo Designer Wanted
  124. Music/Composer Available Composer Available
  125. Director Wanted Student Short Films
  126. Music/Composer Available Need your project scored? Look no further!
  127. Music/Composer Available **Do you need quality music for cheap?**
  128. Music/Composer Available Hip Hop & Pop Rock tracks available for artists, TV, Film and commercial projects
  129. Misc. Available Aspiring film poster and motion graphics designer
  130. Director Wanted Filmmakers Wanted for International Collaboration
  131. Post Production Available I Will Edit Your Music Video FREE!
  132. Music/Composer Wanted Logo music
  133. Music/Composer Available Composer from Amsterdam
  134. Misc. Available A Different Composer
  135. Music/Composer Available Free Royalty Free Music
  136. Pre-Production Wanted Storyboard Artist needed for Short Animated Film
  137. Post Production Wanted 2D Artist Needed for Film!
  138. Music/Composer Available Available for pro bono work.
  139. Music/Composer Available 40+ Free Royalty Free Music and Audio available for download
  140. Post Production Wanted Sound Designer
  141. Music/Composer Available Action Sound Effects
  142. Music/Composer Wanted Composer wanted for thriller film!
  143. Music/Composer Available Free instrumentals for use..
  144. Misc. Available movie poster / key art designer
  145. Post Production Wanted Colour Grader Needed
  146. Music/Composer Available Experienced Composer looking to take on new projects
  147. Music/Composer Available Ugur Dariveren | Composer for Media
  148. Music/Composer Available Highly-skilled music composer available
  149. Post Production Wanted CG Artist Required
  150. Music/Composer Available Another composer in a sea of composers (I know, I know)
  151. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for music for a short film.
  152. Production Service Available Daruq Aerial Cinema - Looking for work in UK / Worldwide
  153. Music/Composer Available Film Composer Seeking Projects
  154. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for two composers to feature silent film
  155. Post Production Wanted Colour Correction for Trailer!
  156. Music/Composer Available Original composition or recorded tracks: free for non-commercial use
  157. Job Wanted Animation Competition Opportunity 2013
  158. I'm Elvis Peši, and I could be your New Film Composer!
  159. Post Production Wanted Visual Effects Person Need for Short
  160. Searching for a Director
  161. Job Available HELP - Screenwriter Needed
  162. Post Production Available Sound Engineer - Free post production sound mixer
  163. Music/Composer Available Panos Panakos - Composer
  164. Music/Composer Wanted Film composers Help
  165. Misc. Wanted Film Reviewers Wanted!
  166. Writer Available We'll make your concept into a short film
  167. Proposal for directors/visual artists
  168. Music/Composer Available Animation / Short Film Wanted for Music Video Promotion
  169. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for Jazz music for a short film
  170. Post Production Wanted Sound Designer Required for Fantasy Feature
  171. Misc. Wanted Call for Entry: Real challenge, Real Difference!
  172. Music/Composer Available Music Composer Available
  173. Music/Composer Available Music Composer
  174. Music/Composer Wanted Composer needed for short horror/comedy!
  175. Writer for fantasy / psychotherapy drama
  176. Any concept/sketch artists on here?
  177. Job Available Make a music video for your portfolio. (With total artistic freedom.)
  178. Short scripts needed
  179. Music/Composer Available I will compose for you music of different styles, soundtracks. Keen prices
  180. Post Production Wanted Sound Designer / Mixer Wanted for Fantasy trailer
  181. Music/Composer Wanted Music Composer Wanted!!
  182. Music/Composer Available Experienced and professional composer looking for new projects
  183. Job Available ProdCo Animated Logo!
  184. Music/Composer Available Music for your project
  185. Music/Composer Available Professional film composer
  186. Music/Composer Available Epic Trailer or TV Drama? Film Composer Availeble.
  187. Music/Composer Available Calling all creative film producers and directors !
  188. Music/Composer Available film composer
  189. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for projects - happy to work for free
  190. Music/Composer Available Composer for FREE
  191. Producer Wanted Only Human seeks to bring on Producer early
  192. Job Available Animator required
  193. Misc. Available I want you to want me
  194. Music/Composer Available Professional Composer searching a project
  195. Producer Wanted Film Producers! Enter Zooppa's "Are you Interested" Filmmaking Contest!
  196. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for projects
  197. Job Available Storyboard artist
  198. Music/Composer Available Yet Another Composer Post
  199. Any audio engineers up for hire?
  200. Writer Wanted For A Short Thriller!
  201. Cast Wanted World Cast Movie seeks 12 actors anywhere
  202. Post Production Wanted Colorist needed!
  203. Post Production Available Sound Engineer - Sound Designer - Composer Available
  204. Music/Composer Available Amateur/Hobbyist Composer
  205. Writer Wanted Writers Wanted for the Internet's Pixar
  206. I will compose a score for your short film for free
  207. Music/Composer Available I will compose music for your movie for free
  208. Writer Available Screenwriter Looking For Work Anywhere (Will Write For Credit)
  209. Music/Composer Available Custom Music & $5 Royalty Free Tracks Available
  210. Job Available Citizen.TV is Looking for Citizen Pros [PT/Monthly Pay]
  211. Wanted Music Composers For Indian International Feature Film On A Provocative Theme
  212. Seeking A Co-Producer For An Indian International Feature Film On A Provocative Theme
  213. Music/Composer Available Original Piano Music For Suitable Projects
  214. Music/Composer Wanted Indie bands want their music in film???
  215. Music/Composer Available Art Music :: available to write free demos
  216. Music/Composer Available Composer Available
  217. Music/Composer Available experienced film composer here...
  218. Music/Composer Available Young composer looking to collaborate
  219. Writer Available Aspiring screenwriter looking to expand credits
  220. Music/Composer Available Need music for your film?
  221. Music/Composer Available Independent Composer
  222. Music/Composer Available another film composer guy...
  223. Producer Wanted $1000, Executive Producer credit
  224. Music/Composer Available Music Composer/ Sound Designer for you project
  225. Music/Composer Available Trained music composer looking for job
  226. Music/Composer Available Composer Available
  227. Director Wanted Filmmakers We Want To Create With You!
  228. Music/Composer Available Another Composer Starting up (again)
  229. Music/Composer Available Music composer available for background scores and tracks of any genre
  230. Writer Wanted Scripts wanted
  231. Post Production Available VFX artist available
  232. Music/Composer Wanted Composer Waned For Short Thriller
  233. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for work (FREE)
  234. Upstart video production company seeks wedding footage - will pay and give credit
  235. Misc. Available Call for Entries: Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting Campaign
  236. Music/Composer Available Take your soundtrack to the next level - professional music for indie budgets!
  237. Music/Composer Available Film & Video Game Composer / Sound Engineer (for FREE)
  238. Music/Composer Available Original music for your movie. Film composer available.
  239. Job Wanted job designation - storynote writer:does it exist
  240. Misc. Wanted Call for Entries: Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting Campaign
  241. Director Wanted Opportunity to have your short movie scored with fully produced soundtrack.
  242. Music/Composer Available Composer available, specialized in Horror/Thriller/Fantasy
  243. Job Wanted Professional Composer | Sound Designer
  244. FREE Custom Audio Tracks For Movies, Shorts, Games, Anything!
  245. Music/Composer Available Student needs clip to score
  246. Film Music
  247. If You need CGI or VFX work, write me!
  248. Job Wanted VFX artist
  249. Audio Production and Composition Company Seeking Film-Makers to Work With
  250. Post Production Wanted VFX Artist wanted