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  1. Award winning screenwriter looking for a project
  2. Fund Finder required
  3. Actors needed for new sci-fi series
  4. FX for Low Budget Projects
  5. Hello
  6. UK based screenwriters
  7. General Gopher
  8. Film Makers - Writers - Actors - Crew
  9. Producer/Actor
  10. looking for expirence
  11. Musician/Sound Designer Available for hire
  12. Offline/Onine Editor available 'free' for special projects
  13. Need a Stills Photographer?
  14. Facilities assistant required
  15. more music
  16. UK Film Talent...
  17. work Wanted
  18. UK release! 23 of nov. "Shrooms" horror movie!
  19. Sound Editor/Foley Recordists required - URGENT
  20. Support Our Film (please...)
  21. Do you want visual fx for your next film?
  22. Camera Ops and other crew required...
  23. DoP with equipment
  24. London - new filmmaking group
  25. composer looking for work
  26. CD/DVD Duplication and Replication Services-UK
  27. Small project needs cameraman or woman
  28. Writer Wanted Horror movie screenwriter wanted
  29. Seeking Screenwriter
  30. need a Freelance editor? only 5 an hour
  31. Crew Wanted Filmmakers and Crew in UK?
  32. Music/Composer Available Offering Free music services
  33. Crew Wanted WANTED - camera operator/director
  34. Music/Composer Available Musician looking for project to stick with
  35. Music/Composer Available Music for your movie - Composer want to score your video
  36. Music/Composer Available Experienced Composer Easy to work with!
  37. Job Wanted UK Film Student looking for work expierence.
  38. Music/Composer Available Orchestral Composer for Hire
  39. Music/Composer Available Music Composer
  40. Crew Wanted Small crew needed for short film
  41. Music/Composer Available Composer will score food etc . . .
  42. Writer Wanted Anyone up for writing a script?
  43. Music/Composer Wanted Music for opening titles of a magazine show
  44. Misc. Wanted Miniatures
  46. Crew Wanted Another Part of Me
  47. Crew Wanted People wanted to for a film crew
  48. Post Production Wanted (Anywhere on earth)Matte painter/FX guys,... pimps of the image needed
  49. Cast Wanted Twisted Tape - looking for UK actors!
  50. Music/Composer Available Composer looking to work
  51. Music/Composer Available Music Composer working for free
  52. For Rent Kit Hire in London
  53. Crew Wanted crew needed
  54. For Rent 7D to hire London (Good rate)
  55. Misc. Available Free Film Making Workshop in London
  56. Post Production Available Sound Designer looking for projects
  57. Crew Wanted SECRET CINEMA - opportunity for student filmmakers
  58. Writer Available Writer looking for work
  59. Music/Composer Available Catford Films
  60. Cast Wanted I have an idea
  61. Music/Composer Available Composer, free, live musicians
  62. Internship Wanted Art And Film Student looking for any experience in the Industry
  63. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for work.
  64. Music/Composer Available Award Winning Film Composer
  65. For Rent Canon 7D Kit hire Rental
  66. Music/Composer Wanted Composer needed
  67. Crew Wanted Sound recordists are very much welcome! Where are you guys at?
  68. Misc. Wanted Win a subscription to our new Online Film School with Networking Opportunities
  69. Music/Composer Available Composer Looking For Work!
  70. Misc. Wanted Looking for bloggers and writers to contribute to our online magazine
  71. Post Production Wanted Editor
  72. Music/Composer Available Original composer looking for projects
  73. Music/Composer Available Looking for work...
  74. Music/Composer Wanted Urgent track, composers at the ready.
  75. Producer Wanted Producer
  76. Music/Composer Available and I am Free.
  77. Director Available Av Self-Shooter - Experienced Director Available
  78. Music/Composer Available Composer Available
  79. Music/Composer Available Composer here. (with enthusiasm)
  80. Misc. Available Sony Tape Deck for sale
  81. Crew Wanted DOP needed to shoot establishing shots in London
  82. Music/Composer Available experienced composer available for work!
  83. Music/Composer Available Yet another composer available!
  84. Post Production Wanted Sound Designer needed
  86. Music/Composer Available Composer
  87. Crew Wanted Interested in making a House Music Promo Video?
  88. Music/Composer Available SFX, foley and Music available for projects.
  89. Crew Wanted Film Makers In The UK
  90. Music/Composer Available Music Composer Available
  91. Music/Composer Available RareSound Production - Music composing & Sound Design
  92. Production Service Available - big or small productions
  93. Director Wanted Looking for British Indie film director.
  94. For Rent
  95. Music/Composer Available Composer (speciality in pop/rock and electronic)
  96. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for new projects (yes another one!)
  97. Crew Wanted Collaborator(s)
  98. Music/Composer Available An offer of free ORIGINAL music-ness
  99. Crew Wanted AD and Production Assistant Needed for 35mm short
  100. Misc. Available Film Maker and Assistant Director in UK
  101. Music/Composer Available New Composing Company (please read)
  102. For Rent Sanitarium and Padded Cell set for hire in London, UK
  103. Crew Wanted Sound, London - amateur but critical
  104. Music/Composer Available Lewis West
  105. Crew Wanted Production Designer, short film shooting September 2011
  106. Misc. Available Summer course in Digital Video Production
  107. Crew Wanted Looking for Director of Photography with own HD camera in London
  108. Music/Composer Available Quality composition and sound design from Liverpool
  109. Crew Wanted Crew call: Short film (Cardiff)
  110. Job Available Looking for videographer for a paid shoot in London (end of January)
  111. Production Service Wanted Loking for videographer in London who's interested in R&B music.
  112. Misc. Wanted Audio Description Dissertation
  113. Music/Composer Available T-toe : Music composer/producer in London and Bristol.
  114. Job Available Music Video Required- paid
  115. Crew Member Available Actors and volunteers needed for short movie in London
  116. Crew Wanted YouTube Zombie Series Seeks Team
  117. Crew Wanted Indie Documentary want Film Makers
  118. Crew Wanted Short Film in the Oxfordshire Area
  119. Misc. Wanted Rebirth's Retribution, animated series.
  120. Cast Member Available An actor starting out!
  121. Casting for actress and crew members
  122. Production Service Available Film Financing and Funding
  123. Misc. Available Offering inexpensive aerial video!
  124. Music/Composer Available Does anyone need good quality Orchestral Music??
  125. Screenplay writer wanted in the Lancashire, North West
  126. Post Production Available Need your short mastered for cinema?
  127. Job Available The Lost Sound Music Video(s)
  128. Crew Member Available Location experience wanted
  129. Producer Wanted Producer Needed For Short Film
  130. Crew Wanted Crew Needed Asap for 2 Films! unpaid though..
  131. Crew Wanted People needed for a NEW film crew.
  132. Director Wanted Music video for signed London singer
  133. Internship Available Short Film writers
  134. Music/Composer Available Free original score for your film!
  135. Crew Member Available Will work for free / North East Scotland
  136. Crew Wanted DP/Sound/Editing
  137. Crew Member Available Media Production graduate looking for media work
  138. Music/Composer Available Composer | Custom Music for TV, Advertising, Film, & Video Games
  139. Crew Member Available Looking for experience in Location Sound (N.Ireland)
  140. Crew Member Available London - willing to assist (boom/runner/pa/SIA)
  141. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for project
  142. Director Wanted Advice on Public Liability Insurance?
  143. Director Available Director/Producer/Crew offering FREE music promo video (LONDON)
  144. Job Available After Effects Compositor Wanted
  145. Post Production Wanted Sound designer/editor/foley technician required
  146. Production Service Available UK Steadicam Operators - With Scarlet-X and WFF/Puller if Required!
  147. Crew Wanted Bournemouth - crew for Western
  148. Misc. Wanted Call for Entries: Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting Campaign
  149. Crew Wanted Documentary project
  150. Music/Composer Available Sound Recordist/Editor/Foley/Music Composers Available
  151. Misc. Wanted [South London] Multiple positions needed for Feature Film
  152. Production Service Wanted Narrator
  153. Producer Wanted Producer Needed for a Horror in London
  154. Crew Member Available Runner (London/Kent)
  155. Job Wanted Movie Poster Artist available for hire..
  156. Post Production Available Editor available
  157. Crew Wanted Sound Recordist/Boom Operator Wanted LONDON
  158. Misc. Wanted Uk Based Sales Agents, distros??
  159. Production Service Available UK Steadicam Operators
  160. Job Wanted Agencies or websites for freelancers?
  161. Production Service Wanted Filming: Street Hypnosis
  162. Post Production Available Digital Colorist
  163. Music/Composer Available Music Student Available for Free Scores
  164. Music/Composer Wanted Classical composer required
  165. Producer Wanted for indie feature
  166. Crew Wanted YouTube Apocalypse Series Needs Crew
  167. Music/Composer Available Composer Looking For Projects
  168. Crew Wanted Boom Op Needed THIS MONDAY - EXPENSES PAID
  169. For Rent Kit Rental - Best Rates In London
  170. Music/Composer Available Diverse Composer Looking for Work
  171. Post Production Wanted Editor wanted for feature film trailer edit and DVD Authoring
  172. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for small projects to build my portfolio.
  173. Misc. Available Get your short films screened at a film festival!
  174. Music/Composer Available Composer/Sound Designer Available
  175. Job Available Music rights expert
  176. Music/Composer Available Experienced Composer Available for Projects
  177. Crew Wanted Runners Wanted for Indie Feature
  178. Crew Wanted London Crewcall
  179. Music/Composer Wanted To Almeria - Short Film
  180. Music/Composer Available Composer available
  181. Music/Composer Available Professional Music Composer for Game and Film - Megan Summers Music
  182. Writer Wanted Looking for a provocative writer (three treatments)
  183. Post Production Available FREE AUDIO-POST / MUSIC / SOUND DESIGN
  184. Music/Composer Available Composer shouting into an oversaturated market
  185. Producer Wanted Reaching out for Executive & Associate Producers.