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  1. What's the difference between these 2 lenses?
  2. Two Camers - one cartridge of film?
  3. Canon 514 XL-S - wide angle lens zoom blur?
  4. The New Canon Cinema EOS c300
  5. What do i need ?
  6. Cameras
  7. T3 vs. T3i
  8. Help! Canon T3i Manual Focus for DOF
  9. Sony CX700v?
  10. So I'm reading a lot about vintage lenses.
  11. Sticky Lens
  12. 5D MkII 64Mbps achieved!
  13. Canon 4K DSLR?
  14. Sony Handycam HDR-CX110
  15. Good DSLR for $700-900
  16. T2i format
  17. A more economical alternative to the Red?
  18. im looking for some feed back on "camera"
  19. Camera advice anyone? please lemme know
  20. This is precisely why it's a good idea to test out workflows.
  21. Debating New Camera
  22. ex3 substitute
  23. No power to my Elmo 612S-XL
  24. Looking to buy a new camera
  25. Sensors like 35mm needed or no?
  26. Canon T3 worth the Buy
  27. Director trying to convince me (producer) that 120 fps is a must!
  28. Does shutter speed affect rolling shutter?
  29. Newbie needs help with camera options!
  30. Hacked my GH2
  31. Finally thinking Canon and need info Vixia and 35mm lens?
  32. Nikon-mount Zeiss ZF Lens for my Canon?
  33. GH2 questions
  34. Going old school
  35. Canon T3i
  36. Compatible consumer/prosumer camcorder to use with DSLR
  37. DV Camcorder - Budget £100: Advice?
  38. AGC on the T3i- How to get rid of it?
  39. Min resolution for theater screens / for documentaries
  40. cheap to mid range camera shootout
  41. Old movie lens mount for GH2??
  42. Starting Out: Camera?
  43. Old skool lens show and tell!
  44. Choose Best Camera for Independent Filmmaking in 2012
  45. Nikon raises their game with D4
  46. JVC Unveils World’s First 4k Handheld Camera at CES
  47. Sony NEX-VG20
  48. It's 2012, why buy a Red One?
  49. Best beginning Panasonic GH2 setup.
  50. canon HFG10 or canon XA10
  51. Thoughts On Minolta XL-250 Super 8 Camera
  52. Overheating Problem DSLR Canon
  53. Canon 7D questions...
  54. Canon t3i or Sony alpha a55
  55. Meet Canon's C300 In Person
  56. EX3 PRICE VS. FS100
  57. Alternate lenses for Panasonic TM900
  58. Camera/Format for feature-length documentary
  59. Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 - On 550d
  60. Canon T2i Setting(Something Wrong)
  61. New lens and adapter!
  62. My 'new' HV40 camera
  63. Help with Canon Vixia HF M40?
  64. Need help with camera purchase plans
  65. Question for those with Super-Takumars
  66. Another Lens Build Questions from a video noob
  67. A choice of 3 DSLR's ... Which one?
  68. 1080p 60fps DSLR?
  69. Score FD 100mm 2.8 $25
  70. Cheap Video camera's?
  71. Canon 600D vs. Nikon D5100
  72. Need help with lens
  73. The old reliable "What camera should I buy?" thread
  74. What do you think of the CANON T2i?
  75. Canon 5D! WOW
  76. XL2 pixelation in viewfinder and playback
  77. Which lense to use?
  78. Bad idea to hang GH2 by Hot Shoe mount?
  79. Sony nex 5n
  80. How to increase the performance of your cheap kit lens.
  81. GH2 for Stills
  82. I have $2100. Best DSLR + Lens in that range. Opinions?
  83. Best $400-$500 DSLR for low light
  84. GH2 & an Economical Wide lens?
  85. captured in p but recorded in i
  86. First camera panasonic hdc sd800
  87. sony sal55200 for video...interesting...
  88. Question for those who know cameras.
  89. GH2 with FD 28mm f2.8
  90. DOF Adapter for My Canon Vixia HF M40
  91. Canon 5D vrs Canon 7D
  92. Best Wide Lenses for 5D Mark 2 discussion? Barrel distortion etc
  93. Any cameras you can plug in instead of batteries only?
  94. £150 budget for a camera.
  95. CANON XA10: The only camera I Need...?
  96. gh2 price drop!!
  97. Third lense
  98. Question concerning: Canon 7D, Fotodiox Adapter and old Nikon lenses...
  99. Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8?
  100. best handheld camera with GREAT stabilization
  101. How bad is it to point the camera at the sun?
  102. 60D
  103. Reputable lens repair...
  104. Digital Bolex - 2K Raw at $2500
  105. What macro lens will give me the closest shot?
  106. Canon 600D - Thoughts? Wisdom?
  107. Canon 600D + Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens
  108. Canon T2i
  109. M42 to Canon EOS - Chinon 200mm f/3.5
  110. Canon 5D mark ii or mark iii for video?
  111. HFG10 vs T3i / GH2 - advice needed
  112. GH2 Frame rate question
  113. Comparing two lenses -- opinions?
  114. Super 16mm or Red Epic???
  115. Canon 60D and 600D
  116. Got my FD 17mm f4... meh..
  117. What camera class as an upgrade from XL2?
  118. GH2 - lens adapter question, and Manual f-stop focus?
  119. How good are those remote control helicopter cams?
  120. Magic Lantern on 600D
  121. canon t2i and magic lantern problem.
  122. What type of lens do I need for this shot?
  123. Need help picking lens for 5d Mark II!
  124. Which HD camera to get?
  125. RH-1 Anamorphic lens for Canon DSLRs
  126. GH2 doomsday hoax
  127. Cameras
  128. Need some advice about a camera...
  129. Canon XLH1 or Panasonic HMC150?
  130. Is it me or does 3400 ISO look good?
  131. Is a Canon 550D the best you can get for £500?
  132. color correction and camera settings.
  133. The Canon 4K DSLR is here
  134. Another new camera (June release) @ Sony
  135. what mount are these ?
  136. cheap doc camera solution
  137. Blackmagic Deisgn 2.5K Raw S16 -- for 2,999.99 - July
  138. What do you think of my lense choices?
  139. Panasonic AG-HVX200 v Canon XHA1
  140. Arri Alexa Rental?
  141. GH2 lens choices...
  142. Is the Canon 5D Mark II still worth purchasing?
  143. ||= Shot by a Canon! T2i T3i etc...
  144. /// Shot by a GH1 or GH2
  145. Is it worth using an SD camera if the lenses are good?
  146. Bored of DSLR's....
  147. Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Canon XF100?
  148. Got a Canon 28mm 2.8 for £64(Broken AF) Good deal??
  149. Decent wide-angle adapter
  150. Vintage Lenses
  151. $700 DSLR suggestion
  152. 5D Mark III vs. D800
  153. Downgrade 5d Mark II firmware to install Magic Lantern?
  154. Sony NX5 vs Black Magic Cinema Camera
  155. For those that use the CineStyle profile....
  156. PMW100 VS NX5U
  157. Kindly help me buy my gear..importing from USA so price matters
  158. What type of lens would I need for this?
  159. help me im torn on lens choice...pweeez!
  160. How durable is the 7D ???
  161. Which 3 focal lengths for my film?
  162. Rule Of Thirds In camera?
  163. How to make the most of my Canon Powershot?
  164. Panasonic GH2 hack questions...
  165. Would it be worth it?
  166. Looking for a HXR NX5U rental in MN
  167. Panasonic HDC-SD80?
  168. Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens with Magic Lantern rack focus not working (need help)
  169. Question about exposure lock on the Canon 5d Mark ii
  170. Magic lantern
  171. My thoughts on the Canon C300
  172. Canon EOS rebel t2i
  173. Switching to an EVIL camera
  174. $1800 for Indie Films
  175. No light meter pointer on super 8 camera!?
  176. For those looking for lenses on a budget.
  177. Can only focus when zoomed in
  178. Canon t2i zoom problems
  179. What camera to buy?
  180. Sony HVR-V1P HDV Camera
  181. Canon XF100/550D qualities and bitrates
  182. The new Canon 650d / t4i is here
  183. A Confession/Realization
  184. Please guide me on this
  185. Whats most appropriate focal length of lens for documentries
  186. Lens advice
  187. Choosing "old school" lens for GH2
  188. Focusing Screen Question
  189. T3i / T4i: Please guide me
  190. ive got $5000 to spend, what should I get?
  191. T4i/GH2 shootout - what do you want to see?
  192. Do you think the JVC GY-HMQ10 is worth $5000? (4k resolution)
  193. Guide me on this: Lens
  194. What's wrong with my camera?!
  195. STUCK
  196. Your Canon EOS Rebel T3i and/or Canon 18-55mm Made in Japan or Taiwan
  197. T3i storage card
  198. I'll be getting 50mm 1.8 lenses tomorrow
  199. SD cards
  200. Anybody try the Canon Vixia HF G10?
  201. Is there ANY way to stop the GH2 from automatically switching viewfinders?
  202. Why there are jerks?
  203. Canon HDSLR Camera setup tutorial by Shane Hurlbut
  204. Canon 5D M2 + Panasonic GH2 for feature...
  205. Rokinon 35mm Defect Testing
  206. Best m. card for hacked GH2?
  207. Canon EF adapter for FS700
  208. Need to rent anamorphic lenses ASAP
  209. Wide and fast lens for GH2.
  210. Documentary Gig Footage - The Right Camera?
  211. Need camcorder recommendations for music video.
  212. 500 to spend, looking for a good dslr camera
  213. Looking for a specific camera recommendation
  214. I broke my lenses
  215. Sony HDR-CX110 Useful?
  216. What's a good split diopter for the T2i.
  217. La7200 anamorphic adapter.
  218. Altnernative to the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens (WITH IS)?
  219. What other lens comes at par???
  220. Canon XL
  221. Camcorder as good as t2i
  222. Still places you can get a Canon Kit (for 5D, t2i, or 7D) for $500 - $600?
  223. 4/3 Lens Selection
  224. Choosing a camera
  225. S.o.s.
  226. Help to choose between these very CHEAP cameras
  227. Flash Jello
  228. Canon 7D, t2i, t3i - Which looks the most cinematic with the basic lens?
  229. Should ISO always be set to 320?
  230. Help please
  231. videocamera for 4000
  232. sony hdr-ax2000
  233. Is there really a big difference between non-L Canon Lens and an L Canon Lens?
  234. Questions about XH A1s mic
  235. Difference between mm lenses
  236. Opinions on lenses wanted
  237. Do they make lens protectors like this?
  238. What Should I do? Money, how should I spend it
  239. Canon EOS C100
  240. Is micro-budget DSLR gear really good enough to make a real movie out of?
  241. GH2 Power Grip?
  242. Alright let's talk 4k and than some
  243. Professional Super 8 Camera Hire! - Bauer Microcomputer s715 XL - Melbourne AU
  244. If I'm filming for TV instead of a movie theatre...
  245. GH3 Specs Leaked
  246. New BlackMagic Product Announcements
  247. Best GH2 patches for filmmaking?
  248. Camera Lenses that has about 35-50mm Length on a Crop Factor of 1.6
  249. Best camera for under £1000?
  250. Herky-Jerky/Choppy Video...What is That?