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  1. Meeting Philip Bloom Friday
  2. GPS coordinates in EXIF for Canon 5d and 60D?
  3. Control over HDMI?
  4. Camera Purchasing Advice
  5. T2i/550D Test In South Beach
  6. T3i / 600D shutter and color experimentation
  7. buy which camera...
  8. New T2i/550D ML Build Tonight
  9. Canon 500d or Sony HVR A1E
  10. "Tiny Furniture" Shot on the 7D
  11. First Camera?
  12. Do Step Down Rings = FOV Issues?
  13. Want to buy Tokina 11-16. Good choice?
  14. Best amateur setup for $1000
  15. T2i or GH2
  16. Winter filming
  17. First Camera Purchase and Start of Filmming
  18. I think I have LBA (Lens Buying Addiction)
  19. T2i help please!!!
  20. camera suggestion for portfolio
  21. T2i or T3i?
  22. Sony handycams
  23. lens junkie
  24. Nikon D7000 - Anyone used it yet?
  25. Finally bought a camera!
  26. Question about t2i default lens
  27. Leica makes cine lenses?
  28. Pawn Shop lens wit purdy flare
  29. First time with the RED! NEED HELP!
  30. ARRI Alexa Simulator
  31. Diffusion filters for aliasing
  32. zenitar 16mm on T2i
  33. Camera Camcorder Choice For Real
  34. Cheapish Prime Lenses for Video work
  35. Canon FS200 Various 41x Zoom Tests - Aircraft, Horse, Moon
  36. Panasonic SDR-S50 Various 78x Zoom Tests - Aircraft, Horse, Moon
  37. bought the wrong camera!!, advice appreciated
  38. any one recommend bell and howell HD night vision camcorder for movie
  39. Questions About T2i and T3i
  40. Still vs Video mode of DSLRs
  41. Choosing a standard lens for the 550d...
  42. a second camcorder
  43. Neat Camera Comparison/Rental Chart
  44. telescopic lens help
  45. ND filters help/recommendation for t2i
  46. Confused about Filters
  47. Good camera for cheap
  48. Best camera for my money?
  49. How feasible is it to use a prime lens for film?
  50. BOUGHT AN HV40!!!!
  51. ATTN: Lens Junkies: Cheap lenses on ebay
  52. Lens test on Panasonic GH2
  53. New Sony HD camera changes my outlook...
  54. ANybody know about the A-cam dII that was at NAB
  55. Minolta MD to EOS adapter?
  56. Sony F3 and FS100 - any questions?
  57. What camera should I use?
  58. Wannabe needs a camera, where to start?
  59. renting equipment
  60. Glass for my new Canon 60D
  61. 35mm lenses
  62. Changing to shooting on SLR
  63. D600 VS D5100
  64. The DSLR Tripod thread
  65. What lense do you think was used for this video?
  66. Good *fast* wide-angle lens for GH1 (2x crop)?
  67. Super 16 or High End Video Camera???
  68. Opinion on Canon HV40
  69. GH2 hacked
  70. Panasonic AG-HMC80
  71. Sony NEX-FS100UK or Panasonic AG-AF100... help!
  72. Canon XL1.........Need advice!
  73. GH1/GH2 extensive tests
  74. Camera selection for macro + documentary
  75. Canon Rebel T3 Advise Needed!
  76. Yep, A Camera Question
  77. What do you think about this lenses for a T2i??...
  78. Noob lense advice needed
  79. 5.9mm lens and Super 16mm cameras
  80. At the risk of reducing my chances of winning ...
  81. Rebel T3I
  82. New Sony DSLR
  83. Cine Camera - How It's Made
  84. Hackable GH1 Confusion
  85. Panasonic AG-DVX100a
  86. Need Help with Cameras
  87. probably answered a 1000 times..
  88. Problem importing footage from DV tape
  89. Canon XHA1 problem / New camera recommendations
  90. Camcorder Advice
  91. VP-HMX20C win!
  92. Lytro - A new form of digital photography
  93. Getting the Most Out of Vintage Glass
  94. Shooting a Mockumentary - Looking for Camera Suggestions
  95. Camera Advice 33: Camera Fit For A Slasher
  96. Canon HF G10 - Anyone messed around with it?
  97. Canon GL1
  98. Did I seriously just break my new lens?
  99. HV30 vs Hacked Panisonic GH1
  100. CMOS=Jello Right?
  101. Panasonic GH2 officially hacked
  102. First Camera?
  103. Camera's Tripod Threads Broken
  104. 1 Lens for Video, which one?
  105. Canon vs Panasonic DSLR's
  106. The Best S-VHS Camera
  107. Equipment destruction feel-better thread
  108. JVC GY-HD110U vs canon 7d
  109. Canon 550D
  110. iffy about a new camera
  111. Macro For Video..?
  112. lenses?!?
  113. GL2/XM2 (With Extras) VS Rebel t2i: Beginners Camera.
  114. Canon 518 (Super 8)
  115. Canon XA10 bought in the US.
  116. is my lens broken?
  117. What is ISO?
  118. Nikon D90 ... Thoughts?
  119. Another plug for vintage glass
  120. Just got my first Super 8 camera.
  121. $1400 Budget, am I doing it right?
  122. Need your opinion please.
  123. Anyone else following the 2011 Zacuto Shootout
  124. Importing footage from a 5D/7D to FCP
  125. Camcorder zoom question
  126. Kicking the habbit!
  127. Another way to supercharge your cheap camera
  128. Anybody excited about the Sony A77?
  129. Need Advice from GH1 Users on Lens Selection
  130. Filming Lens for Canon 550d
  131. 80-200mm f4 lens
  132. Aaton XTR super 16mm or Arriflex sr2 standard 16mm
  133. Canon HFR20 vs. Sony CX360
  134. INSTOCKDIGITAL, scam?
  135. What would YOU get -- T2i or 60d?
  136. Sub $350 Camera with Audio In
  137. Recommendation anyone?
  138. DSLR cameras under $1000
  139. 5D or Panasonic
  140. Choosing lenses for a T3i
  141. First camera
  142. Am i stupid...? if i buy these cameras...
  143. Semi-Pro Camera 1.5k-2k budget
  144. moire/alias killer (for 5D)
  145. Canon XA-10 vs Sony VG-10
  146. Sony's new announcements
  147. NEW LENSES!!!
  148. China rips RED facists.
  149. cool follow focus concept
  150. Consumer vs Prosumer for small price difference?
  151. Super 16mm Camera
  152. Official Canon batteries vs third party alternatives
  153. Best HDSLR for video
  154. canon 550D/T2i f stops.
  155. Extended Warranties on Cameras
  156. DSLR for Video Shooting
  157. A good DSLR lens for low light/multiple changing lights?
  158. Hacked GH1 info needed
  159. Does/did anyone ever sell 'broken' cameras?
  160. Sony enters DSLR fray. Takes on the GH2
  161. T2i : weird white symbol on the right
  162. Sony Launches F65 CineAlta Camera and Unveils End-to-End 4K Workflow for Digital Cine
  163. 7D worth the extra money?
  164. DSLR problem with filming drums...
  165. Flip HD for Shooting Music Videos
  166. Mixing lens brands?
  167. canon gl-1
  168. Panasonic lumix GH2 serial number???
  169. Which One?
  170. Adapter for Sony hdr camcorder..
  171. Need help choosing a wide angle lens
  172. Looking for lens advice :D
  173. Lens advice for filming with 5D MK II
  174. Nikon D5100
  175. Question for Panasonic GH2 Users
  176. GH2 goes 3D!
  177. rare lens - does anyone know?
  178. Question for those with hacked GH2s
  179. Trying to decide; t2i or 5d
  180. Affordable yet good camera
  181. Sony Alpha DSLR-SLT-A55 A33 vs T3i T2i
  182. What makes a good lens?
  183. GH2 cult member rejoice, semi affordable fast wide glass
  184. GH2 takes on Arri Alexa and Canon 5d
  185. Canon 5D test. Interesting
  186. Short Nikon D7000 Clip
  187. Lens Question - Help!
  188. CCTV lens for GH2...
  189. Need some help picking the best/most affordable camera for film and photography
  190. Canon 514 XL-S Wide Angle lens - any difference at this price?
  191. Someone Please Help. I'd greatly appriciate it.
  192. another, which camera for budget question
  193. Canon Lens? Which one to buy?
  194. My camera is shooting in a green fog!
  195. What is a good camera for.....?
  196. Question about switching lenses during shooting.
  197. A Cheap Digital Film Camera
  198. Advice on camcorders
  199. Heading Out For Battle
  200. New Canon EOS-1D X
  201. Choosing a camera?
  202. Why is the video res : photo res of a dslr lower than that of a camcorder?
  203. D7000 - UltraLowContrast preset
  204. Newbie questions about T2i/T3i and focal length on lenses for film/video
  205. Relax, Everybody!
  206. Hacked GH2 posterizes RED Epic (link)
  207. Infinite Focus (focus after you take an image) Camera only $399
  208. Follow Focus won't work with T2I kit lens
  209. The future of Cameras and Motion Image recording?
  210. Canon 5D MK II question...
  211. dSLR as filmmaking tool
  212. New GoPro
  213. Good lenses for a Canon T3i
  214. Can anyone tell me about this lens?
  215. Canon L lens.
  216. Question about recording format.
  217. If you could only afford one lens...
  218. Should I get an anamorphic lens?
  219. What's the difference between these 2 lenses?
  220. Two Camers - one cartridge of film?
  221. Canon 514 XL-S - wide angle lens zoom blur?
  222. The New Canon Cinema EOS c300
  223. What do i need ?
  224. Cameras
  225. T3 vs. T3i
  226. Help! Canon T3i Manual Focus for DOF
  227. Sony CX700v?
  228. So I'm reading a lot about vintage lenses.
  229. Sticky Lens
  230. 5D MkII 64Mbps achieved!
  231. Canon 4K DSLR?
  232. Sony Handycam HDR-CX110
  233. Good DSLR for $700-900
  234. T2i format
  235. A more economical alternative to the Red?
  236. im looking for some feed back on "camera"
  237. Camera advice anyone? please lemme know
  238. This is precisely why it's a good idea to test out workflows.
  239. Debating New Camera
  240. ex3 substitute
  241. No power to my Elmo 612S-XL
  242. Looking to buy a new camera
  243. Sensors like 35mm needed or no?
  244. Canon T3 worth the Buy
  245. Director trying to convince me (producer) that 120 fps is a must!
  246. Does shutter speed affect rolling shutter?
  247. Newbie needs help with camera options!
  248. Hacked my GH2
  249. Finally thinking Canon and need info Vixia and 35mm lens?
  250. Nikon-mount Zeiss ZF Lens for my Canon?