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  1. Where can i find films to do sound for
  2. DIY Cranes, Jibs, or Booms
  3. Sound
  4. sound recorder
  5. how to record sound?
  6. sound recording
  7. recording sound
  8. Sound advice for my film
  9. Looking for sound effect
  10. The sound
  11. Managing sound
  12. what's a good boom/shotgun mic?
  13. Binaural sound recording
  14. Sound
  15. Boom the Panasonic MC100G?
  16. Y.A.F.I. has just acquired a Sony ECM672 shotgun and a Canon MA100
  17. My Shotgun Microphone :(
  18. Help! My sound is horrid because I have no idea what I'm doing
  19. Sound Effects
  20. First Short Need Sound Advice
  21. Free website for sound effects.
  22. Have $1300 to spend on Sound/HV20
  23. movie soundtracks !
  24. sound mixer question
  25. How to record my sound?
  26. i need sound advice!
  27. Im getting this shotgun mic, few quick questions.plz
  28. im new to this and need some help on sound
  29. So I hooked up my Ntg-2 + Boom pole. And put on my headphones. This normal?
  30. do you guys reccomend recording background sound? (Prevent Jumpcuts)
  31. Sound!
  32. Balancing Sound
  33. Boom ALWAYS Needed?
  34. Is sound recording by this method fine??
  35. zoom h2 and lavaliers?
  36. I need A LOT of sound help.
  37. Hardware sound mixer, or straight into camera?
  38. Was it wrong to purchase a shotgun mic for Indy?
  40. No sound and no cord
  41. Audio Technica AT897 shotgun mic question, recording above actors?
  42. VERy frusterating with shotgun mic
  43. borrowing sound eqipment
  44. making your own boom pole
  45. Hyper-cardioid, or shotgun?
  46. Field audio recorder, or field mixer?
  47. Having trouble with mics and sound
  48. Welcome to Sound Advice
  49. Recording Sound
  50. Hiring a Soundperson (what to know)
  51. Can turning up sound volume, destroy quality?
  52. Question about Timecode on a field recorder
  53. Rode NTG-2 on a boom live on the set
  54. Need help for info on sound recording
  55. Cheap shotgun/boom mics?
  56. Help about sound
  57. Where to rent Rode NTG and Boom in the UK? (North East)
  58. Cam sound...
  59. Using Two Boom Mics?
  60. questions on Recording sound, fx etc
  61. Sound Issue
  62. Filming outdoors, sound.
  63. sound advice
  64. How to combat sound "echo" when filming in a garden shed?
  65. A little help with sound please?
  66. Newbie Q - Studio recorded sound
  67. daily rate for soundguy
  68. Help. Bad sound with AT897
  69. Sound help
  70. Recording sound from far away shot
  71. Newbie Tip - Sound
  72. N00b on a microbudget - sound advice needed
  73. Starting up, need advice regarding HD, sound and postprod.
  74. Sound recording on set!
  75. Alcove: Read blog but please help with mic advice!
  76. Recommendations for a boom pole?
  77. Does light influence sound?
  78. The cost (rate) of a DP and Sound Recordist
  79. Why you don't use a camera mounted mic
  80. Lavalier Mics
  81. Sound for a HDSLR system for Micro-Budget Indie Newbie?
  82. SOUND Advice - Running/fast sequences
  83. What kind of sound equipment do you guys use?
  84. Microphone and Sound
  85. Sound equipment?
  86. Sound Question
  87. Sound Advise for the budget challenged
  88. Audio Recorder Question
  89. shooting sound separate
  90. Boom Op Advice?
  91. Recording an Epic Soundscape way before shooting. Possible?
  92. Affordable good sound for indie film?
  93. Boom Mic Help
  94. Best way to mic an int. car shot
  95. sound with no dialogue
  96. My own sound
  97. Great Article on Boom-ops
  98. Great Tutorial Videos for Sound
  99. A lav AND shotgun?
  100. Sound issue!!!
  101. Field Recording/ mixer+recorder question
  102. So I don't really understand sound
  103. Microphone set ups
  104. Recording sound
  105. Camera and Sound Equipment
  106. Love doing ADR ?? Want crappy sound ?
  107. Sound Effects.
  108. Make It A Double - DSLRs and Sync Sound
  109. Recording sound 16mm
  110. Mic Placement Question?
  111. shotgun mic for canon gl2?
  112. Need some advice on which mic to use.
  113. Making digital audio sound analogue: Will my idea work?
  114. Duties of a Boom Op
  115. Buzzing with mic extension cables
  116. Question about sound mixing.
  117. Question about getting sound.
  118. Question about matching sound with video
  119. XLR to 1/8''... for recording good sound with video
  120. just about to order a Sound recorder?
  121. Questions about a sound mixer.
  122. Audio ---Rode Mic or Recorder?---
  123. Making characters sound different
  124. Let's see if I have this straight--Sound
  125. Studio Sound Question
  126. Interesting sounds when I turn the mic off
  127. Sound editing
  128. I'm trying to post sound samples to get feedback.
  129. Advice on shotgun mics
  130. Fight Scene Sound Effects Issues
  131. XLR port, and sound.
  132. Should I spend the money on a lighting/sound/green screen combo or a GL2/XM2?
  133. Super DIY question about lighting and sound equipment!
  134. Sound help... help...
  135. Camera Mic or Boom?
  136. Sound Effects Library
  137. Sound recording straight to a Mac
  138. Sounding the rallying cry
  139. Question about official job-titles for "sound guy"
  140. sound equipment help
  141. Getting Sound from a Live Performance
  142. Question about putting together a boom mic.
  143. How do you capture sound for a scene like this?
  144. Help With Sound
  145. Sound Design Project - Looking for Material To Work To
  146. Equipment required for boompole setup?
  147. Best 16mm Camera and Sound Equipment?
  148. 2 urgent questions relating to sound and light
  149. Sound Recording Equiment
  150. El Cheapo Deluxe Sound Setup
  151. How did they get sound in this tutorial video?
  152. Need advice on sound equipment
  153. Recording engine sounds (H4n)
  154. should I extract the soundfile first for noise reduction or clean it while editing?
  155. Changing Sound Kit in Middle of Shooting
  156. Building a sound library?
  157. Sound effects
  158. Tell me EVERYTHING I need to record sound..please :)
  159. Cameras and Sound. How Do They Even Work?
  160. Sound inside a car
  161. Sound Help for a Newbie
  162. Super 8 and Sound Sync Issues
  163. sound recording on the beach
  164. Getting started - how does this equipment sound?
  165. Any good reason NOT to use a lav mic?
  166. Sound problems...
  167. Production sound recording process
  168. Tascam dr-40 + what boom mic?
  169. sound export
  170. Microphone and set up for recording onboard a motorcycle
  171. Camera, lights, sound.. Action! Very first short film
  172. Film Soundtrack
  173. What is the name of this sound effect?
  174. Edius 6.01 lossless avi rendering output sound/vision "Not Sync"
  175. Sound: Step by Step/Tips
  176. Removing/limiting sounds of creaky floorboards
  177. Sound Devices USBPre
  178. Booming in on ultra wide shots
  179. Technical Advacnces in DIY Location Sound
  180. Production Sound (Gain Staging)
  181. Coordinating with sound guy
  182. Sound lost for a scene, can't re-shoot, what do I do?
  183. I was hired to do sound for a TV production, what do I do!
  184. Sound Newbs Should Watch This
  185. I hate sound
  186. Paying a sound guy for half a day??
  187. Least expensive sound treatment?
  188. Party Scene - Sound
  189. Just venting about sound...
  190. M-S mic arrangement
  191. Help with sound design site
  192. Question about using a shotgun outdoors.
  193. sound equipment in rain
  194. question about sound on film set
  195. Mic usage for 7 actors in a room?
  196. Best way to go about sound with Canon 5D MkIII?
  197. Is My Sound Acceptable?
  198. So Ya Wanna Be A Boom-Op...
  199. Best choice in sound equipment
  200. Costumes and sound for a medieval film shoot.
  201. Wireless shotgun mic?
  202. Boom operater placement question
  203. Boom mic tests
  204. Sound (expert) echo help...prob not what you're expecting.
  205. Sun Glasses and boom op refelctions
  206. How do you properly attach a lavalier?
  207. Sound-wise, is this film doable?
  208. Interview Sound in a shop
  209. How did they get sound like this for HEAT (1995)?
  210. Recording Sound with Power Generators for Lights
  211. Question about booming with a hyper.
  212. Commands before shooting? Roll camera, sound...
  213. Sound Devices MM1 - questions
  214. Plugging a ZOOM H4N into sound desk
  215. Foley sounds and Audio levels
  216. Mega sound
  217. Low Budget Indie Sound (again... Sorry :-( )
  218. My microphone blimp is too big to fit in most locations!
  219. Sound for Wide Angle Shots
  220. My recorded sound is very quiet
  221. Inexpensive Sound Treatment
  222. sound in post
  223. Can someone tell me about sound on a low budget movie?
  224. Recording Sound for Chase Scene
  225. Preamps in recorders
  226. Your favorite soundtrack?
  227. External Recorders
  228. Worked boom for first time
  229. How competent should a director be in: Lighting,Cinematography, Sound
  230. Audio Leveling
  231. How would you record the sound here?
  232. Why is my sound like this?
  233. Sound When Filming and When Filmings Done?
  234. Recording Sound for a Phone Call
  235. Anotherquestion regarding lighting and sound
  236. T.V. sound effect
  237. My sound recordist and sound editor want the same pay as me, the writer and director.
  238. Do field recorder limiters, reduce quality?
  239. Location Sound HELP
  240. Syncing sound, need help! :)
  241. Where can i get Soundbed or BG music
  242. Rode VideoMic Pro with Zoom H4N hissing sound
  243. Recording good sound on set
  244. When would you use a lav microphone?
  245. Mixer, and recorder - questions [noise problem]
  246. Turn on closed-captioning and learn about sound design
  247. Sound Design Question -- Music and Dialogue
  248. Shotgun mic vs lavalier for documentary
  249. Sound Design Project. I'd be grateful for any help at all!
  250. Finding a sound mixer