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  1. Is there any money in drama shorts?
  2. Legalities of a non-profit production
  3. Show me the money!
  4. Film Equipment Insurance....
  5. Insurance?
  6. production company
  7. Production Insurance
  8. Insurance and Copyright your film
  9. Starting a Production Company-
  10. fundraising legal question
  11. Preselling, Letters of Intent, and Making Films with Other People's Money...
  12. legal question
  13. insurance
  14. HELP! Experimental documentary with international appeal and no funds!
  15. Your ad here...but with a twist!
  16. copyright info needed
  17. Investor: This Could be the Next Indie Gem
  18. E&O and Liability Insurance
  19. Fund that film
  20. Insurance
  21. contracts for docs
  22. setting up a website
  23. I need to know what to charge!
  24. Fiscal Sponsorship?
  25. Grant Providers...
  26. Fiscal Sponsorship: Commercial vs. Non-Commercial????
  27. Product placement
  28. Movie Lincensing for Universal Studios Movie Clip
  29. TV show rights have expired/ What can I use?
  30. anybody know anything about indietalk on this financing website?
  31. Choosing non vs. profit status?
  32. Is P2P now illegal?
  33. Has anyone heard of Fractured Atlas????
  34. Business Plan
  35. Advise on how to start a video production company
  36. Grants for Filmmakers
  37. Planing the next project
  38. Grants and Such
  39. Independent UK Movie Distributor (Start Up)
  40. I've got a question about the Sundance Film grant....
  41. Getting big-name actors, getting my shit made, timing, business, and other things.
  42. Filming Rights for news programs
  43. Pro Co Advice
  44. Insurance for rental gear
  45. Public Grants vs. Private Investment
  46. WooHoo!! Victory Dance, uh-huh, uh-huh!!
  47. need some advice
  48. Is seeking advice on...
  49. Limited Partnership v LLC?
  50. Hijacking a thread!: Let's play What If...
  51. New York State SEC troubles
  52. A Prodution Company don't?
  53. Legalities to approaching investors
  54. Need Actor Rep Directory
  55. Product brand and company names in frame...
  56. production co.
  57. Running a Cinema
  58. Production Companies?
  59. State Arts Agencies
  60. Investor search
  61. Legalities: real companies in shot
  62. Script Option Agreement
  63. Cinematographer here,tired of pigf**k productions
  64. Reflections of a masterpiece
  65. Ideas?
  66. Need Biz Plan Stats
  67. Legal Stuff
  68. Actor Attachment Agreement
  69. 250K Investment deal template NEEDED
  70. Sales Agents.... (Any one looking to sell a film read!)
  71. Funding for short documentaries
  72. Our next feature is seeking financing ...
  73. Resume Advice
  74. list of some grants
  75. Almost obtained funding for first
  76. Getting an Agent
  77. Traffic, Funding and What to Do?
  78. Business plans for independents
  79. Deferment for Cast/Crew
  80. Mark Litwak Seminar
  81. Error and Omission Insurance
  82. Becoming a LLC....
  83. Feedback please! mySpace, Screener DVD: Flatland The Movie
  84. Agents
  85. Agent in the Dallas area?
  86. name for production company
  87. UK Public liability and indemnity insurance.
  88. Need a collection agency
  89. A possible business venture...
  90. How much is too much?
  91. SAG Contract Limit
  92. Approaching Actors Rep
  93. Errors & Omissions insurance basic question
  94. Venture Capital
  95. The Cost of Fifteen Minutes
  96. Bypass the managers and agents?
  97. Method/Procedure to Cast Actors
  98. Student Filmmaker Seeking Advice On Funding
  99. What are points?
  100. network> business card content
  101. What do you mean what am I going to be doing with your money?! None of Your Business!
  102. Product Placement
  103. Getting Representation in LA
  104. FTC?
  105. MediaMoghul
  106. Film Venture (
  107. Camera operator pay/salary
  108. Starting your own production company.
  109. Hmmm
  110. How Much $$$
  111. Product Placement companies?
  112. Illinois Business Loan for Motion Pictures
  113. Insurance & Liability
  114. Hiring a Publicist...
  115. Taking Paying Gigs to help fund own projects.
  116. Can an independent producer make money from a theatrical release?
  117. Fellow filmmakers, I'd like your input.
  118. Am I getting Screwed?
  119. Where is film financing headed in the next few years?
  120. Signatory Producer and Voice Talent information
  121. Can you help? Finding Investors..
  122. How to get a film made
  124. How to Open a small Independent Prod Company?
  125. Seeking help with Equity/Pact actor contracts
  126. How much would you like to be paid?
  127. contract for sponsorship /equipment use
  128. IRS Section 181
  129. HELP law governing FanFilm? PLEASE & THANK YOU
  130. The going rate for contract films.
  131. How Do You Make A Deal With Investors?
  132. Do Indie Filmmakers have any market ????
  133. couple questions about insurance
  134. Can Short Film Attract Financers/Distributors??
  135. Financing Scam?
  136. How small production companies survive
  137. Creating A Production Company
  138. Filmaking Insurance
  139. E&O Insurance
  140. Production company name/logo.
  141. Insurance
  142. Finding an agent/representation in L.A.
  143. Copyright Infringement/Plagiarism Help
  144. Music Videos: How much should we Charge?
  145. t.v. funding
  146. Why isn't filmmaking a stable business?
  147. Ancillary rights into a TRUST
  148. Is this salary range possible for a director?
  149. Financers and Distributors - Samenessness
  150. questions about the Business!!
  151. Getting Financed by Dummy movie!
  152. Talking with big players
  153. Necessity of Legal Representation
  154. negotiating contract between producer and writer
  155. Effects of US economy on Indie FIlmmakers?
  156. The business of Filmmaking
  157. Supergap financing
  158. Working with a writer
  159. Advice?
  160. Production Insurance questions
  161. What can I offer to a filmmaker?
  162. Funding
  163. Discussion participants for a video: How much would you pay?
  164. begging for arts grants
  165. Is it legal to make a biographical film without the subjects consent?
  166. Get motivated Indie Filmmakers
  167. Documentary Release Forms
  168. Legal Question
  169. How will I get financing for my film?
  170. YouTube -- Can a filmmaker make MONEY?
  171. North Carolina market
  172. Business BreakThrough Questions
  173. Is a production company necessary?
  174. how much should I charge for my services?
  175. What's your funding story?
  176. How complicated a contract?
  177. Anyone run a Single-Member LLC?
  178. Financing
  179. Filming hotels and general people question
  180. copyrighting shorts...
  181. Forbes Star Currency Rank...
  182. Production Company Accounting Books?
  183. US laws regarding nudity?
  184. Filming the road from a car...
  185. Filming at Event
  186. Starting a production company
  187. Low Budget - What to charge workers?
  188. Small Business - What other than feature films?
  190. Raising Money
  191. Micro Budget Stories of Success?
  192. Insurance?
  193. Why will you invest in my project ??
  194. Do contracts need to be notarized?
  195. Editors salaray compared to the DPs?
  196. Movie Contracts
  197. Attracting Financial Backing using a Trailer
  198. Title Design Fees
  199. Legal ramifications of real drug use in film?
  200. Protecting my time investment
  201. Question on Optioning
  202. Funding for A newbie?
  203. Deferred pay for crew
  204. NDA or confidentiality agreement
  205. Starting a Community Cinema
  206. how to: Limited Liability Company
  207. Getting corporate work
  208. Use of DVD logo, Region1 logo and Dolby digital logo
  209. Insurance
  210. Regarding a letter of intent
  211. Cast and crew release forms
  212. The interesting matter of recognizable objects and liability
  213. Funding for Senior Film??
  214. Music Video Process with Labels
  215. Incorporate or no?
  216. Copyright???
  217. Where Do Investors Live?
  218. Fundraising for my company
  219. Got a question here...
  220. Are any of you making a living in film/video?
  222. Dueling producers dilemma
  223. Deferred payment points to Actors
  224. Books in films?
  225. Texas Film Incentives and Airborne Artists
  226. Fundraising Help?
  227. Hiring crew/How much is this crew member worth?
  228. Upfront for Agent?
  229. Where To Start To Raise Money
  230. Writers business agreement/need legal advice please
  231. Establishing an LLC in NYC
  232. posting screenplay online...
  233. Background Voices in a scene
  234. Making a film proposal/business plan
  235. Legalities
  236. Actor/crew contracts for a commercial?
  237. collaborators dissolution/who owns what?
  238. Remaining Budget and filmmaker's right?
  239. What do I need to get an agent/manger in the US?
  240. Data for DVD and Ancillary Markets.
  241. Paying actors
  242. Question about Contracts
  243. Reality TV show in the making... But have questions.
  244. Obtaining financing
  245. Negative Documentary about my university
  246. Legal issues?
  247. Private Placement Memo?
  248. Buying card or loan?
  249. Question about revenue
  250. IRS Section 181 deduction