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  1. Too late to form an LLC...than what?
  2. A Snowball in Hell
  3. Question about copyright infringement.
  4. Grants/Fiscal Sponsorships for a doc
  5. Horror Character copyrights
  6. mascots and stickers
  7. Kickstarter vs. IndieGoGo
  8. guns and insurance
  9. What rules govern city shooting?
  10. Can I use printed pictures from the internet in my film?
  11. star power
  12. A few more questions
  13. Getting permission to shoot.
  14. Copyright Questions
  15. Using a Song Line
  16. Criticize my homemade contract!
  17. guerilla filming?
  18. How to research distribution $tati$tic$
  19. I have 2 celebrities attached to my feature, now need to raise money, any suggestions
  20. Where to find comparable pictures reports / sales projections?
  21. YouTube Revenue Sharing Rant
  22. Are there any industry standards for points?
  23. If You Want Investors, Start Filming This Year
  24. Branded Content vs. Viral Video
  25. Getting Funding
  26. That didn't take long
  27. Logos and brand names
  28. Name Actors - How much $?
  29. Do I need permission to shoot in a public place?
  30. What can you write about a serial killer?
  31. Past Investing Experience: Profit or Loss
  34. Is "Threat Level Midnight" copyrighted?
  35. Need Beta Testers for Producer Software
  36. Film festival contract?
  37. Possible Legal Problems While Filming and Interviewing
  38. Getting on iTunes for $99
  39. Cameraman/Editor Agreements/Contracts
  40. Question about shooting without permission.
  41. How do they divide the box office receipts?
  42. Legal Question
  43. Pay or Play offer
  44. Damn trademarks
  45. copy-write question
  46. Legality of showing a DVD cover
  47. Public Access Financing
  48. Are Characters in a script copyrighted?
  49. copyright issue using few seconds news video when submitting to a film festival
  51. If a S.A.G. actor plays himself his 'acting' is not governed by S.A.G.?
  52. 2011 didn't seem that good.
  53. private own property on film
  54. Clearances for Public Authorities
  55. Get people to donate for your film
  56. How big an audience does a TV show need?
  57. Are Generic Ringtones Copyrighted?
  58. LLC or NGO for video production
  59. Breaking into LOCAL TV comercial biz
  60. Ask permissioon before or after?
  61. SAG and AFTRA may merge.
  62. More show biz is done overseas.
  63. Independent Feature Film Seeking Producers
  64. Machinima Channel on YouTube has 125 million viewers.
  65. Hiring Actors
  66. Video Game Footage on monitor in background
  67. Will I benefit from filmschool?
  68. Copyrighted music
  69. SAG New Media
  70. Legal Forms/Contracts
  71. How could I get my film associated with a charity?
  72. Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  73. "Boys Don't Cry"
  74. Start my own business?
  75. Use of Logos
  76. tax deductible crowd funding
  77. indiegogo pitch feedback
  78. Torrents
  79. Shop names
  80. Financer Looking for Solid Script!
  81. People are still going to the movies.
  82. I Need Answers...
  83. Script Option based on IP?
  84. What's the rules of product placement in this case?
  85. Actor/Crew Contract - Showreel Questions
  86. I was just contacted by an Agency
  87. Is it legal to shoot?
  88. Using the name of a TV show in your film
  89. Is Lucasfilm filming?
  90. public domain footage paperwork
  91. copyright expiration for music?
  92. Using One's "Likeness"
  93. my script copyright. does it cover...
  94. Site for generic contracts
  95. "Peggy Sue got married"
  96. Product Placement Proposal Template
  97. On Brands and References?
  98. Finding it impossible to find certain bands representation?
  99. Using a cover in a film?
  100. Workers Comp/Taxes/Paying Crew Members
  101. Book cover shown on screen
  102. The Woes of Finding Investors.
  103. Brand Logo and Festivals
  104. Comedy Screenplay "LICKER LICENCE" Optioned Through CAA!!
  105. Sync License
  106. Filming in towns
  107. Just finished a television pilot. What now?
  108. Finding a Producer & Funding.
  109. SAG Contracts
  110. Drugs on Camera
  111. anybody used hill and usher insurance?
  112. Using generic banner in short - release
  113. Boilerplate Film Contracts
  114. Actor Managers...
  115. Copyrighting and WGA
  116. Producers share...
  117. Several "legal" questions.
  118. hiring a produer
  119. What VC are looking for to fund projects.
  120. Few questions regarding first film
  121. Comparing TV shows in Pitches
  122. Vehicles
  123. Is this song copyrighted?!
  124. Mentioning facebook and twitter
  125. How to I fund a feature movie
  126. Presales?
  127. SUPEZ' Kickstarter
  128. Is las mananitas public domain
  129. Investor Advice
  130. Referencing/displaying other films in mine...
  131. Kickstarter Hangups...
  132. Register a short movie
  133. Gild the Lily Campaign
  134. Using blur to mask out unwanted people in the background.
  135. How to register/reserve an upcoming movie title/name ?
  136. Band permits use of their songs, what contract do I need?
  137. Prices for Indie Music Videos
  138. How to raise entry fees or find free film festivals
  139. Average Lawyer Fees?
  140. What should I charge to produce a landscaping commercial?
  141. How does one get paid for an online deal?
  142. "Standard" Development Deal?
  143. freelancers
  144. Release Forms for long changing projects
  145. Does general liability cover independent contractors?
  146. Use of poetry quote
  147. Percent for Writer/Director VS Percent for Producer
  148. At what point do you need permits?
  149. freelancers
  150. using facebook/twitter images and mentioning in video
  151. LLC and other legal stuff
  152. If I can impart nothing else ...
  153. could i sue someone who sabotaged an edit?
  154. Business Cards: Say What?
  155. Pricing Video Work Article
  156. Actor Contract
  157. Business Name
  158. UK Fake Gun Law Help?
  159. Most thriving film industries
  160. Proof Reader for a Story Bible & Proposal
  161. A Foreign Company Producing a Film in America?
  162. Film & Entertainment Insurance
  163. Pitch To Producers?
  164. Should I worry about company advertisements that made it in my film?
  165. Convincing agents/managers
  166. Actor refuses to sign release form...What's next?
  167. So, I need to shoot in a convenience store..
  168. Can I use this music?
  169. Can fight choreography be copyrighted?
  170. Do I need permission to use the sidewalk in this case?
  171. Shooting on a country lane
  172. A Package for a TV Producer in Mexico
  173. Music sample rights.
  174. Video Game rights
  175. A percentage off the profit
  177. A question about Kickstarter
  178. Could this situation be claimed as "Fair Use?"
  179. Armed with a screenplay, concept trailer, and drive to make it - What's next?
  180. Sound recordist agreement.
  181. Is it legal for me to credit the actor if...?
  182. Can you pay actors in shares?
  183. Josh Wattles Talks Fan Art Law at Comic-Con 2012
  184. Making your production company official?
  185. Crediting IndieTalk
  186. Help: Do Actors need worker compensation?
  187. to all indie producers
  188. how to register my script legally
  189. Executive producer cut
  190. How to Make an Independent Feature Film
  191. Is there anything I should be aware of when registering a script?
  192. Question about SAG and Production Time Reports
  193. HELP!! Producing my first Script! Need donations!
  194. Aquiring rights
  195. Prop Money
  196. Need Funding for my first short film! [indiegogo]
  197. location permitting
  198. Info on legalities of logos and trademarks
  199. Getting Scripts Sold?
  200. Featured crowd members in a sports broadcast
  201. Single ACTRA/SAG Actor? Loopholes?
  202. YouTube Networks
  203. Tax incentives
  204. Who Owns...the Story, the Characters, the Fictional World, I Guess?
  205. Copyright on a 'joke'
  206. Guerrilla - if Aronofsky can do it...
  207. "independent contractor" for documentary, how much to charge?
  208. copyrights and donations.
  209. Wedding Videography and pricing
  210. SAG ULB guidelines, residuals, and due diligence
  211. NIN/cc licensing for festivals?
  212. Copyright Issue
  213. Help! Does anyone know...
  214. Legal Questions
  215. Using clips of other films in my film...
  216. Legal to use cloned movie clips?
  217. Detailed Financial Plans
  218. Use of Logo's in a Promo Video
  219. Out of the Box Suggestions to build Equity
  220. What's official term for the "details" of a film budget?
  221. Is Hercules copyrighted?
  222. From no-budget to low-budget
  223. How to hire an entertainment lawyer?
  224. Copyright issues on naming a Studio.
  225. Using a well known Superhero in a film, but not in a usual way.
  226. How/where to get forms like "Filmmakers agreement"? "Talent Release Forms"?
  227. Do I have to worry about the law when it comes to these types of lights?
  228. content clearance?
  229. Agent for Producer
  230. Filming on a roof top
  231. Record Covers Copyright?
  232. Making a Music Video - legal standing?
  233. Been Sued?
  234. We need your comments on the Proposed Indie Film Fund
  235. Freelancing and Holds
  236. Featuring Facebook/instagram in your video
  237. Foreign Company shooting in U.S.
  238. Parody
  239. Location Query
  240. Fiscal Sponsorship
  241. Music/Stock Footage Clearances for Festivals & TV?
  242. Filming in a Convenience Store!
  243. Recommended Insurance Companies.
  244. Starting a Small Editing Business?
  245. NDA or other protection before "Pitching?"
  246. Shady Film Producers - What do I do?
  247. Complicated situation
  248. What is an “Accredited Investor”? Why you should care.
  249. Ways to meet contacts and financiers in person?
  250. Dentists, finance & LinkedIn