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  1. Screenwriter needed
  2. Music/Composer Available Free film score anyone?
  3. Crew Wanted DP needed for 25,000 London-based feature film
  4. Music/Composer Available Need Sound Design?
  5. Production Service Available Get your short film made from script to DVD. UK Only
  6. For Rent 7D KIT FOR HIRE
  7. Music/Composer Available Free sound design and compositions
  8. Crew Wanted Searching filmmaker in SW US for Highlining movie
  9. Writer Available Motivated music student-Film music
  10. Crew Wanted Amateur cast and crew wanted in south west UK
  11. Crew Wanted Looking for a DP/Camera Operator with own high quality camera for collaboration
  12. Music/Composer Available Music available in London
  13. Job Available Researchers wanted!
  14. Crew Wanted London - looking for collaborators
  15. Production Service Available Production Stills Photographer
  16. Music/Composer Available Free music supervision
  17. Music/Composer Available Experienced composer
  18. Misc. Wanted Christmas In A Day documentary
  19. Job Wanted UK Production Jobs
  20. Misc. Wanted Filmmakers Needed for Philips Disney Campaign
  21. Music/Composer Available I write music to your movie for FREE
  22. Post Production Wanted Urgent - Editor needed for cinema verite short (London)
  23. Job Wanted Are you looking for a cinematic composer?
  24. Music/Composer Available Distinctive & memorable music available
  25. Music/Composer Available Fresh music for your media productions.
  26. Music/Composer Available Professional and Experienced Music Composer
  27. Internship Available Script readers needed for an internship in a growing company
  28. Music/Composer Available Music composer looking to compose her first short film
  29. Writer Wanted scriptwriter for medieval fiction wanted
  30. Music/Composer Available Young composer looking for project to get experience
  31. Music/Composer Available Composing for your project - for free!
  32. Music/Composer Available Neoclassical composer / synth geek interested in scoring shorts
  33. Music/Composer Available new composer- MetaphorEvolution