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  1. Film Crew Wanted...
  2. Editor for Film Project
  3. NYC Videographer Needed
  4. New York Based Film Maker/Camera Man required (Unpaid/Expenses Only)
  6. [Actor/DP Wanted] Five-Minute Film for DVXFest
  8. new up an coming director
  9. Crew Needed for Indie Feature Film
  10. Looking for film DIRECTOR in NY area
  11. Production Service Available Aerial Video and Photography--by RC helicopter
  12. Need quality score/sound treatment with budget in mind?...
  13. iso Prop Maker/Model Maker
  14. Need crew for new YouTube Series
  15. Misc. Wanted Want to be interviewed on HD cameras?
  16. Music/Composer Available free
  17. Misc. Wanted Indie Record Label Looking for Animator for Music Video
  18. Music/Composer Available Experinced Music Composer Looking for Work
  19. Writer Wanted Scrrenwriter Wanted
  20. Post Production Available Audio Post Production/Sound Design
  21. Music/Composer Available Free Pop/Rock/Indie songs for your film
  22. Music/Composer Available music for your production
  23. Crew Wanted Cameraman needed
  24. Crew Wanted Camera/soundman needed, urgent!
  25. Crew Member Available AD work
  26. Music/Composer Available Offering up songs no charge to gain exposure
  27. Misc. Wanted Groundbreaking Viral Documentary Needs Editor + More
  28. Misc. Wanted Join the SPLINTERHEADS Promotions Street Team!
  29. Crew Wanted Looking for RED camera owner and operator (New York Area)
  30. For Rent House in New York for you to use!
  31. Music/Composer Available Need original music for your movie?
  32. Job Wanted ANYTHING
  33. Music/Composer Available Musician available.
  34. Director Wanted Directors Needed
  35. Music/Composer Available Music composer available
  36. Misc. Available Finger Lakes Film Students
  37. Music/Composer Available Music Licensing/Composers here and ready to work!
  38. Production Service Wanted Videographer needed ASAP
  39. Pre-Production Available STORYBOARDS 4 CHEAP IN NY!!!
  40. Music/Composer Available Free Indie Rock Music for Films
  41. Music/Composer Available Composer site
  42. Music/Composer Available MUSIQ
  43. Music/Composer Available Independent Instrumental Film Composer looking for work/collaboration!
  44. Job Available Stunt Coordinator
  46. Cast Wanted Casting Call for 2 Actresses for Co-Sraeeing Roles in A Science Fiction Short
  47. Director Wanted NYC Director Needed for Girl Clown the film
  48. Music/Composer Available Composer Looking for Projects
  49. Production Service Wanted Affordable Sound Stage
  50. For Rent Discount Sony F3 package available!
  51. Music/Composer Available Composer Looking To Score Your Project
  52. Post Production Wanted VFx Artists and 3D Animators Needed
  53. Writer Wanted Seeking Screenwriter in NYC
  55. Music/Composer Available Looking to network with filmmakers that need music
  56. Misc. Wanted Data recovery??
  57. Production Service Available DIT with DIT Station Rogue & RED Rocket Available for Hire
  58. Writer Available Hunter of the Dark
  59. Crew Wanted Seeking Art Department Assistant for Print
  60. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for a composer for a animated short.
  61. Internship Available Seeking Interns for Fall - Audio / picture / VFX
  62. Job Wanted Trained Actor from australia looking for work
  63. Crew Wanted Long Island area (resume builder)
  64. Crew Wanted Feature in New Jersey and New York City (All Positioned Available)
  65. Internship Available INTERNS NEEDED!
  66. Music/Composer Wanted looking for a music composer for an animated short
  67. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for a music composer for an short animation film
  68. Music/Composer Wanted Seeking Composer for Animated Short
  69. Internship Wanted Internship?
  70. Crew Member Available Sick Editor Available
  71. Misc. Wanted Seeking Sound FX Artist for Short Animation
  72. Music/Composer Wanted Seeking musical mixer for 3D animated short
  73. Music/Composer Available TV/Film composer available
  74. Music/Composer Available Looking for the unique soundtrack?
  75. Music/Composer Available Composer offering FREE original instrumental soundtrack, intro, clip etc
  76. Writer Wanted Screenplay Submissions
  77. Music/Composer Available Versatile and Creative Composer Looking to Collaborate
  78. Director Wanted Directors for Commercials Wanted (NYC)
  79. Post Production Available Do you need Sound post for free?
  80. Misc. Wanted Film Acquisitions/Director of Operations
  81. Job Available Help Needed in Series!
  82. Producer Available Line Producer Available
  83. Director Wanted SEEKING FILMMAKER FOR HIRE!!
  84. Job Wanted hiring Director and DP
  85. Music/Composer Available Indie-Rock/Folk/Experimental Composer Available
  86. Post Production Available Audio Post for Short Films
  87. Post Production Available Colorist / VFX Artist
  88. Music/Composer Wanted Composer need for short film
  89. Cast Wanted Auditions for Short film "Are You Ready?"
  90. Music/Composer Available If you need a Music Composer
  91. Music/Composer Wanted Composer needed for short film "The Usher"
  92. Crew Wanted Cinematographers, Camera Operators and Soundmen in NY
  93. For Rent Photo/Video Studio Rental in Chelsea + MoVi M10 Package Rental - Promotional Price
  94. Job Available Nielsen Reviews Digital Awards in Cinematography
  95. Crew Wanted [NYC]: Talented DP Needed -- FEMALE DP's PREFERRED
  96. Post Production Available Miclain Keith - Audio Engineer / Composer / Sound Designer
  97. Internship Available DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT Internship
  98. For Rent Manhattan Mansion Available for Production
  99. Writer Wanted Search screenwriter
  100. Crew Wanted Filmmaking, Get In Touch!
  101. Job Available Filmmaker? Get paid to list your favourite shooting locations on Spacefy.
  102. Music/Composer Available Need a free score for your project?
  103. Crew Wanted Road trip documentary help wanted.
  104. Cast Wanted Streetcar Named Desire (short scene) CASTING 6/28 7-9 pm
  105. Feature film project in NYC
  106. Production Service Available Daytime Independent Production Location Available in Brooklyn New York
  107. Production Service Available Visual Effects Artist/Colorist
  108. For Rent Midtown Mahattan Studio
  109. Post Production Available Professional Colorist Available