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  1. Sound editor wanted - $$$
  2. California / SF need film maker / cameraperson
  4. Looking for DP
  5. Need DP for low budget gay romantic Comedy
  6. Casting Call for LA-LA LOCO BABY! shooting in LA - fall 07
  7. Need Dance music with vocals for low budget indie
  8. website designer needed for!
  9. Crew For Music Video
  10. 24 Hr Stage / Green Screen / Cyc / Standing Sets / Music videos
  11. seeking Production/Office Student Intern
  12. 35mm ARRI 435ES Package in Los Angeles
  13. hi~ cinematic SF prog/rock/metal band looking to score film for experience
  14. Composer/sound designer available
  15. composer available
  16. EXPERT Post for New Film Makers
  17. Composer available
  19. Need Great Music?
  20. Movie Posters, Web Sites, Promo Material
  21. Custom 40 Watt, high power laser show rental and specialized effects - 2008 Discounts
  22. CD DVD Duplication and Replication Services - Orange County
  23. Red Camera Package Rental in Los Angeles
  25. Looking for a Producer - Los Angeles, CA
  26. co-writer wanted
  27. Lookin' for a CSS/PHP/Flash/SQL/Wordpress/AJAX junkie.
  28. Looking for film makers
  29. Misc. Wanted Looking for actors for a table reading
  30. Music/Composer Available Attn: Filmmakers looking for a score
  31. Music/Composer Available I will make music for a low budget film for free
  32. Production Service Available DVD Duplication and Replication /CD Duplication and Replication
  33. Post Production Available Color Grading up to 2K (incl RED) with APPLE COLOR and Blu-Ray Authoring
  34. Production Service Available Transfer HD or RED camera to 35mm film, color gradin, Digital Opticals, effects, etc.
  35. Post Production Available Post Production One Stop Shop
  36. Crew Wanted Editor Needed for Short Film - San Diego
  37. Music/Composer Available Looking to get creative with like minded film makers
  38. Misc. Available Fabrication- woodworking, welding Los Angeles Area
  39. Music/Composer Wanted Composer Needed
  40. Post Production Available Color Grading up to 2K (incl RED) with APPLE COLOR and Blu-Ray Authoring
  41. Music/Composer Available Music Composer Available
  42. Music/Composer Available Custom film scores and music supervision available
  43. Music/Composer Available audio production
  44. Music/Composer Available Composer Available
  45. Crew Wanted Looking for other student filmmakers in the OC area
  46. Post Production Available Post-Production Engineer Available to Indie films only.
  47. Internship Wanted Labor for Learning
  48. Crew Wanted Forming a small crew in Southern California
  49. Misc. Available Film Content Producers
  50. Production Service Available Customized Production Services High Power Laser Special Effects and Lighting Rentals
  51. Director Wanted Looking for a director for my screen play
  52. Music/Composer Wanted Need Horror Piano Lullaby
  53. Production Service Available LUNAR EFFECTS: make up/ special effects
  54. Production Service Available Amazing Custom High Power Laser Show & Professional Lighting Services 2009 Specials
  55. Director Wanted SF short film production needs AD
  56. Crew Wanted Short horror film production needs AD
  57. Music/Composer Available Music available for licensing
  58. Music/Composer Available Film/TV/Game Composer available! - May work for free
  60. Music/Composer Available Working GAME/TV audio nerd introduction
  61. Production Service Wanted Looking for RED package in San Diego
  62. Crew Wanted WANTED: Boom Operator/Mixer in San Diego
  63. For Rent RED One Camera Package Available
  64. Writer Wanted writing partner/co-creator for vampire western
  65. Post Production Available Color Grading with Apple COLOR (incl 4K RED RAW) and Blu-Ray Authoring
  66. Misc. Available Website Deals for all Artist's
  67. Music/Composer Available let me create a score / soundtrack for your film!
  68. Music/Composer Available Do you need music for your film?
  69. Director Wanted Looking for Director - I AM BECOME DEATH
  70. Crew Wanted Looking for SF Bay Area crew
  71. Music/Composer Available I will write original music for your movie, listen to a few tracks!
  72. Music/Composer Available Composer worked on: (SALT, It's Complicated, Nanny Mphee, The Last Airbender)
  73. Music/Composer Available looking to score a project 20mins or longer
  74. Misc. Wanted Final Draft sponsored table read
  75. Music/Composer Available Will my music fit your project?
  76. Post Production Available LA INDY POST SPECIAL
  77. Music/Composer Available Professional composer. Very low price, but not for long.
  78. Director Wanted Dark western
  79. Music/Composer Available Music composer available
  80. Music/Composer Available Orchestral Composer
  81. Misc. Available Helping To Support Independent Film
  82. Music/Composer Available Hybrid/Production-Based Composer Available!
  83. Internship Available Producer seeks Interns
  84. Music/Composer Wanted Bumper music for cable access news show
  85. Post Production Available Color Grading (incl. RED 4k) with Apple COLOR, mastering and Blu-Ray Authoring
  86. Music/Composer Wanted wanted LA based keys composer 4 futuristic symphonic vintage noir songs
  87. Music/Composer Available FIlm composer looking for quality projects
  88. Music/Composer Available New to film composition - Free music
  89. Music/Composer Available Composer taking on projects
  90. Music/Composer Available Excellent music avail!!
  91. Music/Composer Available LA based composer available for YOUR film
  92. Music/Composer Available Passionate musician new to film
  93. Crew Wanted Videographer wanted to travel The Pacific
  94. Production Service Wanted Post and Marketing
  95. Production Service Available GREEN SCREEN studio space
  96. Post Production Available Composer Looking for Experience First
  97. Production Service Available Casting Director
  98. For Rent Jib Arm and Camera Package for Rent
  99. For Rent 3D Steroscopic camera package for rent
  100. Post Production Wanted Need Crew for Post
  101. Crew Wanted Experienced and Honest Crew
  102. Music/Composer Available Electronic Music Composer available for Film Soundtracks
  103. Production Service Available Extraordinary High Power Laser Show Rental Services Worldwide
  104. Music/Composer Available Professional Music Production Company
  105. Music/Composer Available Free original score/soundtrack
  106. Music/Composer Available Free original score/soundtrack
  107. Music/Composer Available Jay Belton is back! (as heard in SV Bell Films)
  108. Music/Composer Available Amazing orchestral scores
  109. Crew Wanted Costume Designer for hire? L.A. area
  110. Production Service Wanted HD Footage Needed
  111. Post Production Available Need audio? (Music, Sound Design, Voice Over, Mixing)
  112. Music/Composer Available free for projects, school or whatever
  113. Production Service Available We offer full production services
  114. Music/Composer Available Offering ORIGINAL music tailored to your film - FREE
  115. Crew Wanted Producer and Crew Needed for low budget Short Film
  116. Post Production Available Post-Production Sound Services Available!
  117. Production Service Available Weapons, Training, Advising, Stunts, VFX/SFX
  118. Producer Wanted Producers/Collaborators Sought: Doc Film On People Living In Cars
  119. Crew Wanted STUNT COORDINATOR
  120. Director Wanted Short film
  121. Crew Wanted 2nd camera, Santa Barbara, $40
  122. Writer Wanted Writing Partner, in search of
  123. Production Service Available Cheap Legal Production work for Indie Films
  124. Crew Member Available Need a DP/Camera Op?
  125. Writer Wanted Searching for a co-writer
  126. Music/Composer Available Music Available Low Rates
  127. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for a composer
  128. Crew Wanted Virtual Volunteers for Edutainment and Social Issue Media Projects
  129. Music/Composer Wanted Composer wanted for indie feature film for festivals (Phillip Glass like)
  130. Producer Wanted City of El Cerrito Recycling Center Historical Film RFP
  131. Misc. Available Looking to provide a website for an indie filmmaker.
  132. Misc. Wanted Need an Ad Created
  133. Post Production Wanted Creature FX redo
  134. Music/Composer Available Looking for film makers to collaborate with
  135. Writer Available As well as Director: Looking for a co-writer
  136. Post Production Available Composer and Audio Engineer Available
  137. Writer Available Short Scripts Available
  138. Music/Composer Available Another composer...
  139. Job Available Los Angeles Production Company seeking Directors / Editors Read more: http://www.cin
  140. Music/Composer Available Cari Live has new music!
  141. Post Production Available Sound Designer/Editor/Re-Recording Mixer Available
  142. Post Production Wanted NEED SOUND MIXER!
  143. Producer Wanted Playboy TV Seeking On-Air Preditor
  144. Misc. Available Indie Studio launches in Los Angeles
  145. Director Wanted Writer seeking accomplice
  146. Music/Composer Available film score composer
  147. Music/Composer Available Score Composer - high-end mockups
  148. Production Service Available Extreme High Power Laser Light Show Rental Productions and grip support
  149. Music/Composer Available Film Composer
  150. Crew Wanted Production Sound needed
  151. Music/Composer Available I make music for movies
  152. Music/Composer Available Quality Film Music (W/ Superman Demo Clip)
  153. Music/Composer Available Cinematic Film Composer
  154. Crew Wanted Looking for Director of Photography and other crew
  155. Post Production Wanted Pro-bono sound mixer?
  156. Post Production Available Low-Cost Finishing/Compositing in Los Angeles
  157. Crew Wanted Need Crew positions-Orange County
  158. Crew Wanted Bay Area: Looking for videographer / filmmaker for our Indie Game Kickstarter Campaig
  159. Post Production Available Filmmaker friendly post by
  160. Production Service Available Rent Equipment
  161. Crew Wanted Seeking Crew for 48 Hour Film Project- Los Angeles
  162. Music/Composer Available Symphony in Black
  163. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for a new project
  164. Crew Wanted DP needed for film noir thriller: Los Angeles
  165. Music/Composer Available Professional Sounding Composer for Hire
  166. Crew Wanted Production Sound for November in LA/OC
  167. Misc. Wanted Crew, Cast and PA needed for a weekend short contest
  168. For Rent RED Epic package for rent
  169. Crew Wanted Looking for a CG 3d artist.
  170. Music/Composer Available A Unique Soundtrack.
  171. Writer Wanted Seeking filmmaker/writer who loves animals
  172. Music/Composer Available I make music for movies
  173. Producer Wanted For a Short Film
  174. Music/Composer Available Royalty Free Music for Low Budget people...audiojungle author
  175. Music/Composer Available Composer looking to work with some new faces...
  176. Job Wanted Looking for DP project in LA during March 18th to April 13th
  177. For Rent Red Epic on a budget
  178. Cast Wanted Lead Male actor
  179. Director Wanted I need someone who can film short-movie!
  180. Crew Wanted DP & Crew Wanted For Short Action Thriller
  181. Producer Available EPYX Production (A production house in Thailand)
  182. Misc. Wanted Poster Designer Wanted
  183. Cast Wanted South Lake Tahoe - Casting Call For Music Video
  184. For Rent Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  185. Music/Composer Available Composer for Film / TV / Games / Theatre
  186. Music/Composer Available Composer will write music for food
  187. Crew Wanted PAs needed Sunday - Berkeley Auditions
  188. Looking for DP w/ Equipment
  189. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for new projects.
  190. Post Production Available VFX, Color, Sound for your indie film
  191. Music/Composer Available Composer looking for new projects
  192. Crew Wanted Production Designer Wanted(LA)
  193. Producer Wanted Looking For A Producer
  194. Internship Wanted **Looking to shadow a director**
  195. Crew Wanted Need A Publicist
  196. Producer Available UCLA MFA Producing Student Looking to Option Original Screenplays
  197. Music/Composer Available Need music for your film?
  198. Misc. Wanted Working in film - San Francisco and Los Angeles
  199. Misc. Available As a filmmaker, how crucial is it to live in Los Angeles?
  200. Crew Wanted Seeking experienced DP for short indie thriller
  201. Music/Composer Available LA based musician for collaboration
  202. Writer Wanted Writer, Sketch Comedy
  203. Director Available searches for Directors and DP's
  204. Music/Composer Available Custom music for your project
  205. Writer Wanted Free Script Coverage Service
  206. Music/Composer Available Pre made and custom songs for your film
  207. Music/Composer Available Indie-Rock/Folk/Experimental Composer Available
  208. Music/Composer Wanted Looking for Composers & Musical Artists
  209. Post Production Available NEED A FILM TRAILER CREATED
  210. Misc. Wanted Sound Designer
  211. Music/Composer Available CINEMATIC COMPOSER
  212. Producer Wanted Short film-need producer, actor and crew
  214. Crew Wanted El Camino (Short Film) Crewing Up
  215. Director Available EPYX Productions (A Full Production Service in Thailand)
  216. Crew Wanted Assistants Wanted for LA Production Company
  217. cheap film location ranch los angeles
  218. Post Production Wanted Need VFX Artist - PAID
  219. Music/Composer Available FRENCH COMPOSER
  220. Crew Member Available Still Photographer - Bay Area
  221. Producer Wanted Partner wanted for hi-end EU/US webseries
  222. Post Production Available Miclain Keith - Audio Engineer / Composer / Sound Designer
  223. Music/Composer Available Solo Composer Available (free?)
  224. Writer Wanted Script Readers Wanted
  225. Post Production Available Poster Art for Low Budget Films
  226. Music/Composer Available Samantha Foster Sound | Custom Music for Film & TV
  227. Music/Composer Available Free Music
  228. Cast Wanted USA Network Show "Royal Pains" Now Casting
  229. Job Wanted Composer with recent projects, wants work!!!
  230. Crew Wanted Looking for sound recorder
  231. Crew Wanted Sound Recordist, 2 days PAID
  232. Music/Composer Available Diverse Composer Looking for Work (PRO BONO)
  233. Music/Composer Available Looking to compose music on a project (free or paid)
  234. Music/Composer Available New Song for Action Sequence/Chase Scene
  235. Post Production Available DaVinci Resolve Color Suite
  236. For Rent Film/Video Production Offices for Lease
  237. Post Production Available Any VFX artists free right now?
  238. Music/Composer Available Sci-Fi Futuristic Sound Design
  239. Internship Available WriteMovies Script Reader/Analyst Internship
  240. Job Available Fimmaker needed
  241. Music/Composer Available Versatile Composer Available
  243. Production Service Available Underboss Films - Offering Affordable Videography Services
  244. Crew Wanted For full-length indie feature film
  245. Producer Wanted Hello! Looking for a Producer!
  246. Crew Wanted Looking For Camera Operators - Santa Rosa
  247. Director Wanted Possible opportunity for your shelved project
  248. Cast Wanted Now Casting 'Voices of the Dead'
  249. Music/Composer Available Experienced Composer / Arranger Available
  250. Crew Wanted Need Costume Designer or Cosplayer for Sci Fi Costume