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  1. Music royalties
  2. music!
  3. using music
  4. Anyone know the deal with music ?
  5. Music paperwork
  6. scary movie sound effects and music
  7. Typical payment for song clips?
  8. Copyright Free Classical Music....?
  9. Music-Star Wars
  10. Don't know what to pay for music...
  11. Best Source for music?
  12. Trance Music
  13. POPULAR BANDS film festivals $$$???
  14. twinkle twinkle
  15. Music Rights vs. Permission....
  16. movies without scores
  17. Rights To Song Being Performed
  18. Looking for Deal Memo sample/info
  19. Sound FX wanted
  20. Cover Versions question
  21. Band Song Usage
  22. Recommendations on royalty free songs
  23. Copyrighted Music In A Film Festival.
  24. Local Band Copyright
  25. Free Royalty Free Music
  26. Cover vs Original Song
  27. follow up
  28. Rap music
  29. How much would you expect to budget for music?
  30. Is there a best way to promote composing?
  31. Considerations in film scoring
  32. permissions (it's been done)
  33. About music copyright laws...
  34. Music legally in your films
  35. questions regarding something else
  36. Music Supervision
  37. composer looking for amateur short films to work on
  38. Does this commercial need music?
  39. Keeping it Legal
  40. Is foreign music copyrighted, old italian scores, etc?
  41. My 3 new scores.
  42. should i use or create new music for film?
  43. I want a video made for my music
  44. Cost of using music in films. Can anyone share experiences?
  45. Santana or latin music
  46. how to use old songs copyrighted
  47. Just to clairfy this....for legal reasons
  48. Creative Commons question
  49. Favorite film composers?
  50. Free Music From Unknowns
  51. General Questions for using music
  52. seeking criticism and comments
  53. Free to good home...
  54. Who is your favorite film composer?
  55. Music licence/contract
  56. Compare your tracks with other composers.
  57. Alternative Scores - Critics, pls!
  58. Music and all of my online footage
  59. Looking for an indie electronica music library
  60. Hyopthetical Music Rights Purchase
  61. buying rights for non-profit film?
  62. Acoustic/indie music
  63. First song composed on my new midi
  64. Music Licensing and logos for a short
  65. Self taught composers
  66. Audio
  67. Where can I obtain suspenseful music for free?
  68. What do you look for in a composer?
  69. Is this site legit?
  70. scary music
  71. using cover songs in your film
  72. Getting my music into film and TV
  73. Famous Songs
  74. Career from music is dead
  75. Hiring local bands
  76. Free Cinematic Music?
  77. Can we discuss a score?
  78. Loopholes
  79. Please need help to finding rights!!!
  80. Work Stations
  81. background music software
  82. Question about using Mashups
  83. Use my music for free*
  84. Good Royalty free music websites, anyone?
  85. Specific case?
  86. using 1920s/30s stock music.
  87. Copyright free clips?
  88. A neverending well of great music for film
  89. Intro scene music - Please help
  90. Timing
  91. Music for hire.
  92. Edit to Score or Score to Edit
  93. Looking for a music score.
  94. looking for a cover of people are strange
  95. Question about music for a festival/competition
  96. Musicians discuss having their music used for free in a low budget film
  97. There is a song I would love to use...
  98. Question about songs being used in films
  99. Sound-alike music
  100. Creative expression vs. artistic vision
  101. spotting session
  102. Can I use Beethoven in my films?
  103. So how much would YOU charge?!
  104. May I use about 15 sec. of a commercial soundtrack / music in a short film?
  105. Music Programs?
  106. need urgent editing tips/advice
  107. Where would you look for a film composer?
  108. Composing for comedies
  109. re
  110. Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"
  111. I know a film music guy looking for work
  112. 30 Second Rule???
  113. best movie soundtracks.
  114. Looking for Collab music for film
  115. About Audiosparx
  116. Calling for Submissions
  117. Free Music Archive
  118. Jason Shaw audionatuitx .... free music?
  119. Looking for Chevelle type music
  120. Feature movie- music question
  121. Transitioning ....from one sound style music to another
  122. Problems with MySpace
  123. Anyone use FINALE?
  124. Question for our Audio Gurus
  125. Music for a newsreel parody
  126. Your Favorite Film Scores/Song
  127. Trying To Find Musical Analysis of FIlms!
  128. "Free" Production Music
  129. How to get allowance to use commercial music for non-commercial projects?
  130. Need music?
  131. Having any luck?
  132. Where did you find your music for your film?
  133. Music for a drama short?
  134. Composition Practice
  135. Aliens Music Cue
  136. When to use music?
  137. Using music in silent films?
  138. What instruments do you use?
  139. Music Composer Looking for Film Projects to build my Portfolio
  140. Fun Stuff
  141. Getting Permission
  142. Legalities of Muic in Industrials?
  143. great jazz scores, Pelham One Two Three
  144. Working on portfolio
  145. what about..a 2 second altered rule?
  146. Does anyone know what's going on with
  147. How do I get my music heard?
  148. Classical MIDI
  149. Is it legal to cover or parody a song?
  150. Your thoughts about new production music library.
  151. iMovie Music?
  152. Background Music
  153. Advice wanted for experienced musician wanting to branch into film
  154. Musopen-Free Public Domain Music Resource
  155. Using music from other movies.
  156. Recording music w/ or w/o vid
  157. 90 second Orchestral demos
  158. What are royalty free music?
  159. Amateur movie music questions
  160. Making a film about a band
  161. Feedback Requested...score and non-score music
  162. newbie cue sheet/music question
  163. who here uses licensing sites?
  164. Interpretation of this License?
  165. What film suits my New Song?
  166. Poll about free music
  167. Cooperation for music video?
  168. New song: feedback requested
  169. Composer looking to work with film makers!
  170. On the degredation of independent film score composers.
  171. How should I organize stock music site
  172. Music rights and working overseas
  173. Parody Music Video Infringe Music Copyright?
  174. Covering Songs
  175. How I made money from music
  176. Question about how synthesizers work for very low budget.
  177. Question for a project
  178. Getting music that fits the tone.
  179. Acquring Rights to Cover a Song
  180. Recording Tips?
  181. Using Songs?
  182. Opera - is this a wise choice?
  183. Using music legally?
  184. Film Score Composers
  185. Requesting a Music Clearance from a Record Label
  186. Music Composer looking for Collaboration
  187. Cover songs?
  188. Pietro Mascagni - Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo)
  189. Writing Your Own Music Clearance
  190. compose music
  191. Production Music Library
  192. Music from our films
  193. Guide to working with a film composer
  194. Songwriter looking for projects!
  195. Question about providing music
  196. cover songs
  197. Need music for your Films?
  198. Favorite Action filmscores
  199. Musical Timing?
  200. GettyImages licensing music
  201. Free Composer
  202. a few questions about music for short films
  203. Magix Music Maker MX
  204. Should I get a composer before or after editing?
  205. public domain Christmas songs
  206. soundtrack music for your next Youtube video or short film
  207. How far out of reach is a live orchestra
  208. People tell me my Music Productions would be good in films...
  209. Free Songwriter with Studio
  210. Permission to use song covers?
  211. Music for your film
  212. Any body have a short film that's finished?
  213. For all of you musicians who love to work for free
  214. Stef The Composer at your service
  215. Mancini meets George Clinton meets the B52's
  216. Actor singing a few lines of a song?
  217. Help on Getting Soundtrack from bought CD
  218. where to get free music score/soundtrack
  219. Anyone need some original music for their films?
  220. A Very Clever Sound Score
  221. Are freeish sound effect drops available?
  222. Lightnin' Hopkins
  223. Looking for a similar sound to this...
  224. How do i got unsigned artists to let me use their music?
  225. Piano Music in Various Moods
  226. How difficult would it be to get a free license?
  227. Fair Use Quotation of Lyrics?
  228. Intense growing action soundtrack
  229. Desperately seeking a substitute song for temp song on my Straight8 entry
  230. Rights to use a remix of a song?
  231. I need a composer!
  232. Narrative Help Needed
  233. Free Audio Effects from Adobe!
  234. Trying to get started scoring films
  235. Pro Tools VS Nuendo
  236. Building Your Sound Library
  237. Help with a 50's Romantic Score
  238. Student Interview
  239. How do you select music or sounds for your film?
  240. Creative commons website?
  241. Reggae Music Video
  242. Music for Wedding Videography
  243. Children of The Pop Song
  244. Getting a copyrighted song
  245. Get free (creative commons 3.0) film music from a german composer
  246. Anyone need an affordable piece of music for their film?
  247. Best format for composers
  248. Composer here
  249. Semi-Comprehensive guide to free or cheap royalty free music
  250. Suggestions for music use in a mini doco