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  1. Director+Producer=Good Movie????
  2. Directors Calling Directions
  3. A little bit of theory: Is a director an artist or a craftsman?
  4. Why do you think that so many directors are men?
  5. billy wilder
  6. Directing a HD shoot!
  7. Anyone ever work with Central Casting?
  8. Blocking a scene
  9. How "in charge" are you as the Director?
  10. Multiple camera angles
  11. Marketing yourself as a director
  12. doing a Documentry
  13. Different Roles in Filmmaking
  14. How do YOU direct actors?
  15. Cheapo View Catcher
  16. Staying motivated
  17. DGC
  18. Rehearsals for children
  19. NY Filmmaker looking for partner video competition
  20. Any hints for directing composers?
  21. Dealing With Actors
  22. Using Untrained Actors
  23. Direct a music video and work with RSA Films
  24. is it Filmmakers duty ???
  25. Tips on directing a documentary
  26. Where should I set the camera up?
  27. sixteen:nine international film festival 2009
  28. The Day I Understood Directing
  29. New 2nd AD has a question...
  30. Advanced courses / workshops in directing
  31. Any tips for a first time Director?
  32. In documentary films why are subjects...
  33. The Alinear Inspiration of Artists
  34. Notes on Directing
  35. Notes on Style
  36. Documentary Related Question.
  37. Directing for Film
  38. Faith Based film bandwagon?
  39. I've hit the wall, need practical advice
  40. Table Reads
  41. Breaking out of my shell, got some pointers?
  42. Where the actors come from?
  44. The Director... What exactly does he do?
  45. Documentary Film making! Please guide
  46. Directors - What do you look for in a script?
  48. rehearsing for narrative
  49. What is a good next step for me?
  50. help with a scene
  51. Best way to show time passing
  52. A checklist?
  53. fire extinguisher scene in irreversible
  54. Do I think too much?
  55. Magic Trick - Help
  56. How do you ask someone to be in your movie?
  57. Directing a documentary
  58. Directors in vancouver BC
  59. what is it like pursuing a career as a film director?
  60. Tips you got to know when Directing a music video
  62. Dark themed short Video ??????
  63. How do I get the most out of my actors?
  64. Cool video my brother directed
  65. Who directs a documentary?
  66. merchant navy documentary
  67. Establishing new locaitons
  68. Rehearsing
  69. Becoming a film director
  70. My New Film
  71. Anyone wanting to make series for Youtube?
  72. Question specifically for people with theater background.
  73. help with directing
  74. Work-In-Progress: Technology for a Positive Future
  75. Recording an Epic Soundscape way before shooting. Possible?
  76. Is this shot to difficult to do?
  77. Looking for book.. Can't remember title
  78. How to be Directable?
  79. Filming scenes with Voice Overs
  80. Self Improvement
  81. Production companies!
  82. Directing style for a future work
  83. Directors style
  84. Directing Actors
  85. How to direct and not come off as a jerk?
  86. Too Pretentious To Direct
  87. Directing cinematography in video games - any experience?
  88. General Directing Advice Wanted
  89. Acting & Directing?
  90. How to direct people?
  91. What would you describe as your directing style?
  92. Relationship to your own crew.
  93. Directing In A Silent Film?
  94. How to get across a directing 'style'?
  95. Getting kids to act.
  96. Conversation scenes.
  97. Any Directors wanna share their experiences?
  98. Depth to a Short Film
  99. Getting actors to improvise
  100. Any Suggestions On Finding Actors For . . .
  101. Wow, Directing is hard... but fun!
  102. Production on New Animated Monologue
  103. best literature
  104. masterful direction
  105. Becoming a director?
  106. Audition question.
  107. How To Be A Successful Director?
  108. Actors
  109. I really want to be a well known director..
  110. Directors on set
  111. Doing EVERY THING yourself.
  112. Filming a Phone Call
  113. I directed, first time.
  114. Film noir - any tips
  115. Got nothing on this scene.
  116. What do you do when Actors Can't Make
  117. Time To Declare War on The "Shaky-Cam"
  118. Pschological factors of directing actors
  119. .......technically he's better....
  120. Why communication is so hard...
  121. Music video with mostly static shots?
  122. Directing a documentary
  123. 5 Minute Meal
  124. directing children
  125. 10 questions for filmmakers in the business
  126. Just finished shooting my first short! Things I learned.
  127. need advice for short
  128. How do you guys "Judge" directing?
  129. classic horror film
  130. My first short film! Please critique!
  131. micro budget short, question about professionalism
  132. casting decisions, who to pick?
  133. Actors like my work, writers not so much.
  134. actor wrangling
  135. Casting for non verbal role
  136. Instant Karma
  137. Dealing out rejection
  138. Entirely subjective Action/Comedy
  139. How do actors do so well on their directorial debuts when...?
  140. Filmmaking Books
  141. Actor read throughs?
  142. Auditions from out of town
  143. Doctor K is so fresh
  144. Good example of a chase sequence
  145. auditions
  146. 3 minute silent film! Need a story.
  147. New Director working on feature
  148. Sounding the rallying cry
  149. Getting the talent to go to 'that place.'
  150. "Rules" (lack of a better term) in Directing
  151. Directing voice acting and audio help.
  152. Looking for audition songs.
  153. Seemingly-random camera movement -- why do you do that?
  154. Help, I need urgent advice.
  155. Am I not bossy enough as director?
  156. co-direct or not to co-direct
  157. Terrible situation
  158. Anybody Use Mamet's "On Directing Film?"
  159. Better acting vs. better shooting takes.
  160. When the talent isn't performing it like you need it, how early do you say "Cut." ??
  161. Taking Acting Classes to help Directing
  162. Reasons why your talent or crew would not respect you?
  163. Any tips on shooting this fight scene?
  164. Best Directing Clips Thread
  165. Directing on a Per-Line Basis...Am I Expecting to Much?
  166. What is the true director/producer relationship?
  167. shooting a car crash
  168. How do I start out as a Director?
  169. Getting Demoted?
  170. Directing book recommendations?
  171. Script Changes
  172. SAG and the DGA
  173. Shortening time in film?
  174. Directing Actors
  175. I was asked to co-direct.
  176. Cost to direct.
  177. Have something happen in the shot.
  178. Directors: What are your goals?
  179. Am I too OCD in my filmmaking?
  180. Paying actors. Do you use a contract?
  181. Question about storyboarding.
  182. What makes a good film GREAT!
  183. Good film making books?
  184. Facebook page
  185. Could be Funny at Some Point
  186. Directors, what's the worst thing that's ever happened on set?
  187. Terrific series of articles from Film School Rejects
  188. Poll "Job of the Director"
  189. Directors' responsibilities on set
  190. DSLR's
  191. "Drive" Director: Nicolas Winding Refn - Doc
  192. Framing a shot for 2:35:1 masking...
  193. Question for Directors
  194. How are master shots your safety?
  195. Cool weblog series on one of my fave directors: David Fincher...
  196. Getting actors?
  197. Is directing shots this way really necessary?
  198. What do you think of my DPs approach?
  199. MCU and Tracking Shot vs Trucking Shot
  200. Being a Director - My Experience So Far
  201. Jello
  202. How should I shoot this type of scene?
  203. First Experience Directing a Larg Crowd - Music Video
  204. How do I get actors to fight each other realistically?
  205. Replacing an actor during a shoot.
  206. Filmmaker interview
  207. Director in NY or NJ
  208. First Person POV
  209. What do you think of Lynne Ramsay?
  210. Being a Pervert!
  211. Timelapse Market - Oversaturated?
  212. First University Project
  213. Why do a lot of director's use the 'chin angle' nowadays?
  214. Cool blocking app...
  215. Coverage & Improvisation
  216. Name some successful directors that didn't go to film school
  217. I have this short film I would like to share with you guys
  218. I don't get this angle a lot of directors use.
  219. Getting experience in theatre?
  220. How do I direct actor's to this in certain shots?
  221. 1 year, 1 filmaker, 50 films
  222. Directing a bar dialogue scene
  223. Who is Your Favorite Director and Why?
  224. An in depth blog on the 'whys' and 'how to's' to self funded film projects
  225. Strange bargain: Write this for me and I'll let you co-direct this movie with me?
  226. Does anyone use Shot Designer for story boarding?
  227. What do you call these types of shots?
  228. For Commercial Directors-
  229. Directing Actors
  230. Your opinions on my chosen route?
  231. Moving past the "No"
  232. Blocking your Actors as a Director
  234. Tips on Directing Amateur Actors?
  235. Film company seeking Director in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania areas
  236. Looking for a Director with ideas.
  237. Tilt shift & Select Focus Lenses for OTS and CU
  238. Lip syncing - music vid
  239. No Storyboard, No Shot List Directors
  240. How do I deal with an egomaniac Producer/Main Actress?
  241. What do you think of
  242. What can I do to improve my fight scenes?
  243. Director Demo Reel
  244. The "Bullet Shot"
  245. Shooting bores my actors. How do I lighten up the atmopshere?
  246. First Audition Time / Applicant
  247. Do you need to act to direct?
  248. Looking for shorts film
  249. Directors and their composer: A particularly unique relationship
  250. Approaching talent with a controversial subject matter